questionswould any of this nonsense be going on if…


hang on. @Snapster, do you dare to chime in?

I'm betting he won't chime in, but it's really hard to say. Keep in mind also that he left AFTER the latest site changes (at least as far as I remember it).


My viewpoint is no. Matt successfully built a community that valued its consumers and continually set itself apart from other retailers by making Woot feel like a community rather then an online retailer. I have never seen another online store that successfully built such a dedicated and passionate consumer base.

Since he left they are systematically dismantling everything he worked so hard for and push the current member base aside blindly hoping to grow the business by any means necessary. Make sure there are events on Facebooks to increase Likes and sending out e-mails with empty threats to make sure people Like the page that had not done so in the past. Ignoring the voices of the users to make changes that may lead to growth instead even when it means alienating the existing user base. These are things Matt would not have considered, let alone implement.

I truly feel sorry for the public faces of Woot who are dealing with the fallout the nameless management have created.


@raider9924: that is an outstanding response, plus you have positive up votes for that response. Makes me wonder why there are so many down votes on the original question..........


While I would love to believe that he would not allow this to pass, let me ask you this: Didn't Matt leave AFTER the Woot overhaul? Doesn't that mean he oversaw the whole thing and basically said, "I feel comfortable that this is the right direction and give it my blessing"?

I don't know about a customer relations side, but I believe the rest would be about the same. He felt good about it.


@abramokids: Maybe so, but we don't really know when he planned on leaving. It may also be a case of, "If you are determined to do these things, I will bow out now". It does seem like since the sale, the site has gone in a very different direction.


I am of the mindset that Matt agreed to leave at a certain point in time that wasn't related to how the operations were going to change. The $$$ was awesome, so I don't blame him. As for the OP, I don't think that it would, but it's all rhetoric now.


My feelings are more or less the same as @raider9924. I somehow doubt that Matt would have supported the major change in the web site. I really think he would not have stood for the nonsense yesterday surrounding the "treasure hunt". I also doubt that we would be seeing these BS social media BOCs.

I've been a very loyal and (dare I say) valuable customer of Woot. I generally don't feel like it any more.


@wilfbrim: he was probably the first one to really want to get our tendrils out into social media. He was either instrumental or simply supportive of me being pushed into the role and for that I am grateful to him and I don't feel like I'm doing anything he would have tried to stop.

It's weird to think- I'm pretty sure not many customers have met him, he didn't speak all too much in the forums, but his absence is being used to support the claim that we've become pretty terrible.


@agingdragqueen: You said: "It's weird to think- I'm pretty sure not many customers have met him, he didn't speak all too much in the forums, but his absence is being used to support the claim that we've become pretty terrible."

I agree w/you. Woot was sold to Amazon 2 years before he left. Most, if not all, of the changes that people complain about were made during those 2 years. I know I had conversations w/him on changes he initiated/supported. (Too lazy to look up the questions, but know that we clashed/disagreed on several changes/or lack thereof.)

He was still at the helm, running the business...and I believe instrumental in all the changes made w/i the last 2 years. I credit him for being responsible for the drastic changes in woot.

The only 'change' that I don't think he's responsible for is the lack of/lessening of the amount of BOCs offered. That occurred after he left. Can't blame that one on him...wish I could. IMO, a very bad decision. But I digress....


@agingdragqueen: ADQ was checking in on the conversations I participated in and saw your reply. I have a feeling you almost directed this towards me but decided not to (I wonder why, lol). Rather then contact you directly I wanted to make my comments public if anyone else happens to look back at this. First you specifically are one of the "public faces" I spoke of. You have taken a lot of heat from members, myself included, because you make yourself available. This means you are an employee people look to when they have problems, 99.9% of the time you have no involvement with. You always help the best you can and we all appreciate this.

My comments may have come off being directed towards the job you specifically do with social media. That was not the intent. While I am not a fan of social media many, hell most, are. Because of this I am aware that it is a valuable extension of the business. Social media specific events can be a fun way to extend the business.


I thought Happy Hour was a great event, and the social media notification worked well for a flash sale. While not a twitter user I sometimes stumbled into Happy Hour and had fun keeping up with it.

While initially cautious I found the recent POC to be a fun event. It was something new and different that worked well in social media. While I am not a Facebook user your favorite "follower" kept me up to date and let me have fun with it. I think this is a fun way to try and grow the business and think similar events should be considered/developed to reward those users and possibly grow interest in those areas.

On the other hand I was less impressed when BOC's were moved from the woot-off and onto the Facebook page. I felt this was taking away a fun event from the original business that had been used to grow the main site. I thought this ignored the longest tenured members hoping to possible grab new members from different sources. From other comments here many felt the same.


My statement on "empty threats" was directed at the following statement from the newsletter: "Just remember: You gotta be a Facebook fan of ours to win". This directly made people who are not members of Facebook feel excluded and incorrectly thought they could not participated. I know that you did not have anything to do with this statement in the newsletter. However since you are a public face of the company you ended up having to answer the complaints brought about from it.

I have never had the opportunity to meet Matt, and highly doubt I will. He is someone I would have liked to work with and have a feeling would have learned tremendously from the time I would have spent with him.

While I understand many changes occurred under his watch and change is necessary in all business I also do not believe all the changes since the sale were made by his order. As an outsider I cannot have seen what did occur but from personal experience know there is a power shift.


In most cases there is a set agreement for period of time to stay on to advise on some issues and let the clients get used to the new ownership. As time progresses the selling party becomes less and less involved as new ownership takes over operations. I do not for a minute believe the new site design and his departure are not directly connected with this transition and that he had little to no say in the sites new look. I also think if it were up to Matt there would not be a "Seattle office" nor would employees have relocated from their locations.

As this is the 4th post I will stop before it gets too out of control in length. Please know I was not trying to insult you with my original post and I apologize if anyone thought I had. If you would like to talk (or yell) to me please @ a message to my name and I will stop by DWC for that purpose. If not I hope to see you when I do stop into DWC to chat and I do still fear a certain "package" will appear attempting to force my hand!