questionshave you ever found unknown/hidden "treasure"?


i once got a Kei Igawa rookie card that a child had scribbled on in a bag of crap. does that count?


@carl669: If you were truly excited about it, then sure. Did you re-sell it?


I bought a bedroom suite @ a thrift store, really cool vintage 50's design (we call it hobbit furniture, looks like it came out of a magic cottage). I got it home and discovered almost $500 stuffed under the drawers, all in singles and 5's. Netted $175 after what I paid for the set, and the set is collectable and in great shape, to boot. Plus I got a hilarious pic of my hubby jokingly rolling around in the cash on the bed, priceless!

Here is one of the 4 pieces I bought for sale elsewhere:


@mellielou: i was excited at first when i saw the 'signature'. but, after some research i found out that his autograph doesn't look like that. i can only assume some woot staff's kid had scribbled on it.

edit: wait a second...this is the exact card i have. mine only has the signature in black. guess it's not even real writing by anyone.


I wouldn't really call it a treasure but when I was younger my mom bought me a Dean Koontz book from a yard sale. She told me the person was selling it because they had two copies and the other copy was signed by the author. It turned out that they sold her the one that was signed for like $2 for a hardcover. I can't imagine it is worth much but I thought it was pretty cool.


I found these sweet, old Jim Beam bottles at a garage sale

Look like this-

One has a couple black labs in a field on the front and another is of Vegas


I just found a pair of dress shoes in a campus bathroom. That's got my imagination almost as wild as the time I found abandoned pants outside the freshman dorms....


at age 8, I used to hang out with 2 other kids from the neighborhood, and we used to play in this creek that ran alongside our street. a few houses were on the other side of the creek and had private 25-foot bridges going across the creek for their cars. We found a package under one of the bridges that had been mailed to someone (didn't recognize the name and couldn't read the address), and it had 4 pringles cans full of pennies inside. (the package had been opened and re-closed, but this stuff was still there). I still have no clue why it was there, but the 3 of us walked about an hour to the only bank we knew about, got a bunch of penny wrappers, and ended up with around $10 each, if I recall.

not a bad haul for a 8yr old in 1978! On the way home we stopped at Mcdonalds, and for the first time I paid for my own meal.