questionshave you used any dog e-collar for training? did…


No, I've never needed one for any of the dogs I've had over the years.


No. I use positive reinforcement for training all of my dogs. I have even trained my mostly blind/deaf dog when she was a puppy without an e-collar.


@pyxientx: We have tried that for 7 years, and the animal behaviorist suggested getting an e-collar for our Shiba. We know Shibas are hard to train, and that's well known. I have also tried the e-collar on my own skin to know that it's very much harmless.

Any one else has used the e-collar and which ones did you get? PetSafe and SportDog seem to be the two popular ones. What else?


I didn't use an e-collar (if by e, you mean Electric Shock), however, I did splurge and purchased a citronella spray collar that had a remote. It worked for the most part, however, my Labrador is smart enough that he'll bark when he's outside, and as soon as I put the collar on he stops. But if I remove the collar he'll start barking again.

Long story short, if you take the time, you can probably train your dog more effectively than I did. In addition, I think the spray collars are a little more humane than the shock collars for just a few more $$.

This is the one I bought, but keep in mind that the battery doesn't last a really long time. SprayCollar


Never needed one for any of my pets.


@intensesupernova: Thank you. I will check those out.

I don't know why my question yesterday was deleted. Weird.


@theselected: Thank you. We were also concerned about "cruelty" of using an e-collar, but once the behaviorist tried one out on our arms, we realized that it's just a small buzz, and no "shock" at all. We are also looking at using citronella oil, but that so far has done absolutely nothing to our pup.


@lll0228: Not sure how much reading up you've done on collar conditioning, but this link is a great start and guide to it: