questionswho is looking forward to the final season of…


It's not till July. Calm down


I have some theories but I don't want to post any spoilers. I do think we will be hearing more from Chile.

I will say that on one hand, I am disappointed the series is ending. I think it has the potential for several more seasons. On the other hand, a planned conclusion is always preferable so I think I would choose to have it end this season rather than have the network cancel it on a cliffhanger two years from now.


I thought it was done - they blew up the dry cleaners! Unless I missed something...


Any bets that there will be a movie?


@benyust2: I agree, at least it won't be run into the ground, or become irrelevant this way. I will miss it though, and look forward to seeing what Cranston and Paul do next, they are such great actors. It'll be nice to have it come to a conclusion instead of have the rug pulled out.