questionshave you seen "the scale of the universe 2"?


Extremely cool, but I bet that "The scale of the universe 1" is better. Sequels almost inevitably suck compared to the original, with a few exceptions.


I don't want to start a religious debate, but I use that when talking about creation and the big bang. It's incredible to see the scale of everything from minute to incomprehensible. I actually like the original one better. Probably because it includes something I say ALL the time. If the universe is 14 billion years old - that's as far as we can see! In his interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, he says we can only see 4% of the universe.


I did come across one problem. I'm not located at the center.

Thanks for sharing :)



Actually, I think the sequel was better. You can see all of their stuff if you go to


@garrettwheat: Is it possible that you cannot see everything because some things are so far away that the light from those objects hasn't reached us yet?


Did you notice the "buckyball" at 10^-9? The ones I bought from Woot were significantly larger.


I stared at this for about half an hour before bed last night. Awesome to look at.


very cool..those twins look to be in their early teens. Smart kids. In response to the "not wanting to start a religious debate" i use the same thing to demonstrate the sheer absurdity of religion. :)


@cengland0: Yes, that's exactly right! If the universe is 14 billion years old, then light can only travel 14 billion light years. This assumes light travels the same speed everywhere in the cosmos and that light was present at the beginning.


My favorite is Rhode Island, since it seems like the news compares a lot of things to the size of Rhode Island.



I've always liked Rhode Island... the smallest state with the longest name.


@baqui63: Massachusetts and South Carolina would like to have a word with you :P


Someone (elsewhere) linked to this a while back, but I had completely lost/forgotten about it. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. Now I only have to remember to pause my sliding through the scale long enough to make and eat dinner.



Ok, go look up Rhode Island's full name (here is one link, though Google will get you several others if you question Wikipedia)...

Quite a bit longer than Massachusetts, isn't it? ;)