questionsnewegg offers xbox live gold in your ad for $36…


I do not think that deals.woot is what you think it is. Please read:

Most likely the "ad" you reference is an old, expired link that is no longer valid.


I think you are talking about the deal that was user submitted. Newegg has been offering a limited number of 12 month Xbox Live cards for this price. When they sell out it goes back to the regular price (which you see).

My advice is to wait and watch the deals section. In a few days or weeks another similar deal will pop up. Grab 2 if you can: these cards stack so you can ad 24 months to your account. I think the max you can have at any time is 36 months.

EDIT: The Newegg via Ebay sale is still live as of 5:26 EST. Hop on it NOW. You are buying from Newegg, for whatever reason they sell these through Ebay sometimes.


Possibly this one from 10 months ago?:

If you look on the left side, you will see a tombstone and a raven. So this deal is expired.


deals.woot is a deal aggregator. Nothing posted over here has anything to do with Woot, officially. When you look at a post, check when it was posted. If it's old, it's probably dead.

Any other questions you have should be answered here in the unofficial FAQ.



As mentioned above, deals.woot is a collection of deals you can find on other sites. Some of those deals may be active and some may be expired. The community is responsible for sharing great deals and helping maintain the deals by either expiring their own deals or tattling on expired deals.

Bait & Switch
False Advertising

I hope these phrases start getting applied with more caution in 2013.


@thunderthighs: While you are "here", what is the best reasoning for keeping expired deals on the site? Why can't the clutter (old deals) disappear? BTW, Happy New Year!