questionsdo you creatively package your gifts, and how?


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And, to answer your question, I try, but my brother is still pretty good at figuring it all out! This year I got him a bunch of bacon themed stuff. Should prove rather interesting to wrap, but I'm thinking of wrapping each thing (including a few salts, popcorn, gravy, lipbalm, etc) in some larger packaging and then taking all the wrapped gifts and putting them in a larger box and then wrapping that. I don't think he'd figure it out until after he's opened a few items that I made him a whole bacon themed gift. However, any other ideas are welcome!

Maybe I can take my moms socks and twist them into some kind of animal shape and then wrap it as is. I'm sure it would leave her guessing as to what they heck I did for a while, lol! (I seriously doubt I'm doing this though).


I am not very creative when it comes to gift wrapping. (I'm creative about what's inside the wrapping.) But one year, my mother gave each one of us (my sister, my brother-in-law, and me) several pairs of socks. We all go around the room opening gifts one at a time, and we had no idea what was going on--we just kept opening packages with socks in them.

When we were almost done, my mother couldn't take it anymore and said, "I can't believe none of you have looked inside the socks."

Inside the socks were gift cards and, in one, a nice-sized check.


If you don't mind spending a bit of dough for an empty box, these are great:

I got some of them last year heavily discounted thanks to a Groupon, and they were totally worth it. My favorite is the Family Blankeez, but most of them are pretty funny. It's well worth reading everything on the package. And it is amazing how all the recipients study the box, seem perplexed, and then genuinely seem let down when they find out it isn't a real product.


This year for my sister's kids I am going to make their first initial out of bendy straws and shove a $20 in it.

For gift cards, tape them to the bottom of an empty altoids tin and then add whatever you want to give it extra weight or noise when they shake it. Or the gift card puzzle vault


Sometimes. This year the cleverest I am getting is putting the jewelry I bought for my niece and sister-in-law in these cute porcelain mock Faberge eggs and putting the pocket watch I got my nephew in one of those not-paper travel coffee cups, with some hot chocolate packets and Ande's peppermint candies. Each of those setups will also go in a gift bag with tissue, so at first glance it will seem that the eggs and the cup are the gift, only when they open them will they see that there's more.


Nah...I just do plain wrapping.


I like to take tiny gifts and wrap them up in big boxes to throw people off. I also like giving a piece of the gift to the person. Like one year I got someone a head unit for their car and just wrapped the tiny little remote for it. They looked at the remote and read it and it said Pioneer car audio on it, so they got the idea. I actually installed the head unit earlier that day too, so I was like, go look in your car.


I usually don't do anything special with gifts but I do appreciate when people do.

Does anyone have a good way to disguise Legos without opening the box (my nephews always seem to get at least one duplicate set)? That distinctive noise them make when you even so much as move the box gives them away every time. I guess the other option would be to include a little cardboard box with a handful of Legos in each gift. That way EVERYONE's gift would sound like Legos.


@gt0163c: I think the trick may be to include something in the box that makes more noise than the Legos. I wonder if you could put some dry beans or something in the box next to the Legos box a la rainstick?


One of my cousins is the king of creatively packaging gifts. His best one was when he gave my younger brother a box of 3 porcelain dolls. He had to smash the dolls' heads with a hammer to get the gift cards inside.

He also put together a black box with no visible seams, and put electronics inside. My heart broke a bit when our family stopped the name swap (somehow he always drew my brother or I). Now we just give gifts to little kids.

I love the sock idea! My daughter wants gift cards, and it'll be a fun way to give them to her. :)


I make gift wrapping into an arts and crafts project. No bows, just lots of glitter, feathers, stickers, ink stamps. I use stuff left over from scrapbooking projects. I also buy alot of it after christmas at deep discounts.