questionswhat's the point of this site?


Chances are it was a repost. What was it 12/15 months OF?


@anotherhiggins: I checked for duplicates, there had been deals before, but they are listed as RIP, and weren't the same deal, just the same company. The product is for 15 months of Carbonite online backup for the price of 12; i.e. three months free. I took advantage of it, now everybody else has to miss out.


@femaster: Hrm. Well that seems like it should be a valid deal.

I assume you didn't use any foul/offensive language in your post?

Post it again and do a preemptive tattle pointing out that it is NOT a duplicate.

Maybe a staff member will wonder along tomorrow and be able to tell you what happened.


I know they had some technical difficulties on at least a couple of occasions today, so maybe it just got lost.


@josefresno @jumbowoot @shawnmiller Could the Staff send an email noting why a post was deleted? I think this would /really/ help the newbies. (I can't remember if this was talked about before)


@lordwoot: Here is the discussion.
Obviosly I agree, There should be some sort of notification to the poster when a deal is removed. I think it is just rude to delete the deal without any notice.


Not that it's any comfort, but I posted two deals and did a good deal of checking to see if they were duplicates. Nope, all good to go. The first deal started wracking up votes immediately.

45 minutes later it was gone. I complained about it. Eventually, I received a very nice apology letter. They couldn't account for it being pulled and it was re-posted.

The bugger of it is that it didn't get re-posted under my screen name AND it's sitting on the popular page with quite a few votes. (AND I had made sure to put the s/h costs and everything. My description had been much more detailed)

At least it's there so people know about it & my own order will be here next week. Pyrex. Great deals.

edit: What the heck??? I have to vote up my own comment? That was odd. Comment showed up @ 0 votes. I swear I didn't touch the key board except to hit send!


I did receive an email from someone, but frankly, I spend a fair amount of time crafting the listing to fit a nice description into the allotted space, and I've lost interest in even trying to duplicate the listing.