questionswhen do you start shopping for halloween?


I make my own costume, so I generally start working on it when I think of what I want to wear. I have had some pretty awesome costumes in the past and I will be retiring this year and this will be my last one, so I need to come up with something pretty awesome. If Halloween is not yet another thing we used to have but no longer are permitted at our increasingly joyless workplace.

I am already doing some light Christmas shopping, though. Since I spend a lot of time in the jewelry section on EBay buying parts for my jwelry making enterprise, I see a lot of ridiculously good deals on gifts for the ladies in the office. Most of it ships from China, and while it sometimes comes really fast. most of the time it takes forever so it's good to have a long lead.


:::pointing up to @moondrake::: And boy, does she ever make costumes!!

We don't do costumes at all. I babysit the killer poodles in the house, and The Spouse is in charge of answering the doorbell and treating all the kids to double-handfuls of candy (which we usually buy around the end of September but sometimes have to replenish by mid-October).


@magic cave: Sadly, we don't get trick or treaters on my street. They flock to the more affluent neighborhood up on the hill. So I get Simba dressed up in his Halloween costume and put one on of similar theme and we go for a walk amongst all the throngs of trick or treaters on Rim road.I got him stuff to make him a lion last year but didn;t have time to make it, so I want to get that done this year.


If I buy anything it's that morning. Sales on candy, the day after!


@mtm2: Yes,the Dia de los Muertos sale! I buy half price chocolate for the gaming group. I probably still have some tucked away someplace. I know I have some bags of delicious gingerbread and popular cherry cordial flavored M&Ms I bought on the after Christmas sale.


@moondrake: We never know what to expect in terms of head count. We now buy "good candy (the kind I eat but am nost supposed to....) so that it won't go to waste if we get a total of 12 kids.