questionsany suggestions for someone going to disney world…


Buy the Fast Passes. Wander over here and take a quick read:


Look at the maps, and plan your activities in a linear fashion.
Start somewhere in the middle and work towards the end at first. The crowds all start at the beginning where they come in, and the end of the place will be almost empty for an hour or so. And yes pre pick meetup places, with times. Folk will scatter.
Get up early, and eat along the way. Do NOT show up late, tired and hungry!
Bring snacks and small water bottles, hats and sunscreen. And a couple of those canvas shopping bags- you are going to buy some crap!
Make sure you have your point and shoot camera with spare memory and extra batteries. Last time I went (a wedding at the one here in LA) I bought a dozen disposable cameras from eBay, wrote the kids' names on them, and handed them out.
A bunch of little breaks will do you better than a long lunch will.


Just did 24 hours at Disneyland with a gimp (handicapped person). If you have one in your group, latch onto them and don't let them go. Not having to wait in line is priceless.

We are heading to Orlando this summer (with the gimp) and are doing on all the parks(except the water parks). We tend to stay at one of the Disney resorts to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours and the inter-resort bus system. To save money we also eat off-site (love Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney).

I carry a backpack, everywhere and Disney is no exception. If you take a bag, pack it lightly with just your bare requirements, as it will fill up. I would save souvenir shopping for later in the day.


Consider breaking your party up into smaller groups; it's extremely hard to navigate Disney happily with a large tour group. The weather is great this time of year,which will be a big plus for you. Remember that little kids get tired and cranky easily and early, and try not to insist that every single corner of the park has to be explored for the holiday to be successful. If it's even remotely possible, consider a mid-day time-out for kids to nap and relax; it might even be feasible to rent one nearby hotel room and have two or three adults cart a crew of kids there for a bit of low excitement rest. Start early, take a break, come back again later in the afternoon and early evening. Stay hydrated. Try to eat at off-hours, which will go a long way toward avoiding lines for food. The advice to hustle to the middle of the park as a starting point was excellent.


I've never gone do Disney with a group as large as yours, but I've always found that everyone always wants to do different things. So maybe have a time scheduled for "group" stuff and then a bit of free time where everyone can just meander off and do their own thing. That way anyone who wants to ride It's a Small World a billion times will be able to do so without driving their loved ones insane.

As far as food goes, I don't remember if this has been changed, but I used to always bring a small bag with snacks and maybe a sandwich or two in it. It really helped to not have to pay the insane prices in the park on things like candy bars and bags of peanuts. You can save your money for a real meal at one of the park restaurants.


Allow enough time to not be rushed. And go back and hit attractions you really like or were to busy for you to mess with on an earlier day.


Food. If you can drop the kids with some party members, Disney has some absolutely amazing places to eat. Get reservations in advance, either online on via phone.


If you plan at eating at the park restaurants DEFINITELY make reservations. If you are going to try to get character signatiures, the lines get long. Definitely have water and snacks in a bag.


@lavikinga: Fast passes don't cost anything at WDW. Universal charges you for the privilege but Disney just wants you to plan ahead.

@cjs0924 We're going again in May and these are the sites we use to help us plan.
Dad's Guide to WDW
All Ears

My tips are:

1. Have a plan before you go.
2. If you are not staying at a Disney Resort make sure to go to parks that DO NOT have Extra Magic Hours for the day.
3. Use your fast passes efficiently.
4. If going with kids, use the child swap ride passes.
5. Get there when the park opens. Be at the gate 20 min. early.
6. If you stay at a Disney Resort don't just assume the meal plan is right for you, it doesn't always save money.
7. Get a personalized map & DVD from
8. Know what rides/attractions are a must and whether or not they have a fast pass option
9. No hard sided coolers are allowed but but small soft sided coolers are.
10. Have a good time, it's Disney!