questionswoot survivor: which site gets sent off theā€¦


All valid points. I say eliminate the unnecessary and redundant tech. It launched to no fanfare and a lot of questions about copycat original deals.
I think, in drunken stupors, wine and sport would come to fisticuffs, which we all know is grounds for elimination.
Home and kids will voluntarily leave after being away too long (two days) from their kids and parents, respectively.
Shirt will leave in a medical emergency. A heat stroke caused by the numerous shirts, tanks, hoodies, totes, posters?, mugs?, etc. (s)he was laden with.
Sellout will form an alliance with the original against plus, touting the one deal a day motto is the only way to go. In reality, sellout secretly conspires with plus in order to make all the monies, eliminating the original.
Which will become the "new" (like new coke) Woot!: Sellout or plus?
Find out next season on Woot! Survivor!!!!
I, for one, will not be tuning in.


Can we send off more than one? They do that sometimes, you know.


Woot Plus. One deal one day worked for me!


You touch my wine.woot and I'll shank you with my corkscrew!


You guy's are nutts~ Keep'em all! More savings... ; )


I don't care which site leaves, just bring back the Woot! boxes.

(Yes I know it's because of how and who is doing the shipping. Doesn't mean I have to like it.)


@wisenekt: I got a woot! box yesterday. It had six Margarita mason jar glasses in it. None were broken. Freakin' awesome!


I live in Oklahoma and work for BIG oil. Sooooo I vote we extinguish Wine.Woot's torch and boot him off the island.

WHY: STATE LEGISLATOR won't let me buy it here and that domain is blocked by the BIG oil IT department anyway. I can even see what I am missing. :(

NOTE: replace it with BEER.WOOT

EDIT: sorry @lavikinga


@gthuffines: you know darn well you can still overindulge with toffee and cheeses and olive oils and olives and all kinds of lovely things to eat. ;) Well, once you get access to the website.
You know what woot says about writing letters to your buzzkilling politicians.

I don't always shop locally, but when I do it's not online. Seriously, why do I care about the local deals in other places? Get rid of local and replace with for all my console gaming needs. Consoles, controllers, games, xbox live cards, microsoft points, headsets, chargers, etc... They can even put all that Wii junk woot loves so much on there if they want.


Agreeing with @raider9924 on this one. Seems like when I occasionally do check a deal there it is sold out or sold-out-in-my-size. (Yawn)


@bsmith1: Hey hey active users over there take offense to that statement..... all 7 of us!


If a relative newbie is allowed to weigh in...
Tech seems redundant. Maybe Sport, maybe Sellout.
But I vote for getting rid of Plus - I've purchased from Plus and had some fun looking around when I have time, but it seems to against the basic concept of 'one day, one deal'. It just seems like too much stuff. Too much to look at and weigh whether to buy or not, too much to be able to follow the conversations, too much for you guys to find and market and ship...just too much.

And, frankly, it seems like too much growth too fast. And that's coming from someone who's only been around here since March! :)


Can't wait, I've got scotch chilling as I wait for the launch date.


@thunderthighs: I guess I would be the mod on wecouldntthinkofaname.woot?


@caffeine_dude: But....but.....where are we supposed to go if not here??? sniffle


@reginafilangee: I should explain, when I said 'Stay away from!!!'
It could have read take any woot but deals.woot.

I can see how you understood it the other way.

We should have: