questionsvotes that influence savings


Up to and starting at what percentage off?

To me 10% off only saves tax and really is not worth the time.

I have seen other sites that allow voting or number of purchases to decrease the price for all and have been intrigued by the thought but I have yet to participate in one.


This reminds me of Twongo. And Groupon. And.....Those other sites that do something like this.

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

Here's an example of how these sites work:

They'll offer something like a $50 gift card to a local Day Spa for somewhere between 10%-60% off. The more people who buy a coupon before a predefined cutoff date, the deeper the discount. Everyone gets the same discount at the end of the period, whether you were the first to buy in or the last.

So you might buy in at 10AM on the first day when the discount is still only 10%. But you won't be charged until it's over (at the end of a day or week or whatever) when the final discount is known. At that time, everyone is charged the same discounted rate and is given the $50 coupon.

I think that if you leave it up to votes rather than actual participation then every deal will reach the maximum discount. I'd vote something up to help others get a good deal even if I wasn't buying the item.


seems like there are already sites which do that. Are you sure Woot/Amazon is willing to compete with them?


I think @anotherhiggins explains perfectly why this wouldn't work for Amazoot. It only works if the discount fluctuates with the number of people who buy in, not the number of people who vote.


@hobbit: To be fair, deals.woot wasn't exactly an original concept.

There were - and are - other sites that do pretty much the same thing.

But Woot has pretty good name-recognition with certain demographics [cough]geeks[/cough], so it might do well in this area, too.

As long as it isn't just based on votes.


@anotherhiggins: If it is based just on votes, it stops people from creating shill accounts who want to get a better discount.


@anotherhiggins: I know but wootazon would be competing in an arena where they would need to have buying power for something regionally or be willing to give it to us free and the logistics and math just seem too much. Unless @shawnmiller and the development staff are up for it - I wonder if @shawnmiller has a computer yet. ;)


@sgoman5674: My comment about it not just being based on votes is in reference to my first post.

I submit that rather that having the discount percentage be based "just on votes" it would need to be based on the number of purchasers.

@hobbit: Yeah, I thought about the regional aspect, too. I figured that if woot was going to do this, they'd have to offer the deals for national online retailers rather than local merchants.

Something like, "Here's a laptop from We're going to sell it for between X%-Y% off, depending on how many people buy through our link".


@anotherhiggins: big ups for the [cough] html. I just got the idea randomly after seeing the "popular...who cares" thread. and thought about making the idea work to someones benefit. I didn't have 'woot/amazon' in mind when i asked the question though, i was thinking more along the lines of retailers that use deals.woot to advertise.


I'd go along with it as long as the purchase was guaranteed. One of the things I didn't like about Groupon was one might or might not get the deal. I think I'd be more inclined to jump on something if told I would definitely received the item at at least X off and best case Z off.


@lavikinga: reminder to self: don't post while feeling like hell hit with a brick.
My kingdom for a permanent edit button!


@wootfast: When you say advertisers, do you mean sponsored deals people or really just the advertisers like Groupon?

Either way, I like @lavikinga's idea of at least this amount off but as much as this, then there would be a guaranteed discount.


@lavikinga: Whoa - I didn't know some of them worked that way.

I've only bought a couple of deals like this. Both times the coupon was guaranteed - the Discount % was the only unknown.