questionslooks like change is on the way, again.


It used to be that Matt (aka @snapster) would have been presenting things, but it's been quite a while since he's commented on much of anything, either here, or over on Woot Central.

Sometimes change is good. I much prefer the Deals format to the old side deals, and find it far more entertaining.

Sometimes change is bad. I'm still waiting for downvoting to disappear (I think it brought a hard and more spiteful edge to the forums, and that's sad).

That poll is as much a gauge of which changes will be more welcome as it is an innocent query.

I'm old. I'm cynical. This is not my first rodeo. Still, whatever it is, I don't expect to have much of an effect, but it'll be interesting, no matter what, that's for sure.

[Edit] I'm off to sleep, perchance to dream. Tomorrow's a new day.


change happens. it's better than the end happening. think of the world last year at this time: is your life the same as it was then? do you think it will be the same next year at this time. eh. let the waves push over me as long as i continue to breathe.


I figure it's a good time to push for an official deals.woot FAQ.

Maybe if enough of us voice it in that thread something will happen?


This is not a surprise to me at all. In order to stay competitive, Woot has to evolve and grow and find new sources of revenue. I hope that the heart of the site doesn't change and that offering more than 1 deal a day on each site doesn't dilute the quality of the selection.


Ah yeah DEALS RULES but I'm talking about a guideline


Meh. No big deal.
The forum on deals is more fun than the forum on woot. Maybe they'll address that.


I'm not fussed about most of those changes, but I won't say no to cheaper shipping.

Oh, and a FAQ. That I wouldn't say no too, either.


where is the "more bags of crap" option?


How about a all BOC's everyday. You go to the site if all the BOC's have not sold yet, you can buy one. The down is the BOC's would truly be crappy.


Yes, it looks like there will be change.

Given its specificity, I'm guessing that One order history page with all my orders from every Woot site (which is also the top choice on every site at 10:01 AM EDT) will be one of the changes. (I welcome this, as it is a PITA to have to switch between six(?) different pages to see what I've purchased.)

Of the other choices, Easier navigation between Woot sites and Spiffed-up blog and forums are rather vague but so general that I'm guessing they are also in the running. (Maybe the (I'll be overly complimentary here) crappy PM system will finally get an overhaul?)

Persoanlly, I don't see the need for More daily deals on each site (isn't that what moofi is for?) or More Woot sites (though I could easily see pets.woot, and adult.woot would mesh well with kids.woot and the fact that deals.woot rules don't apply to other woot sites ;).


Oh man for a second there I thought this was some whacko Obama "hopey changey" thread. Thank goodness!


@johnnys13: You know, I worried about that six minutes after I posted it. I hate politics on deals dot woot (or pretty much any where), of any variety. Nope. Old Shrdlu's focus is strictly on Woot; I have annoying friends IRL if I wanted to talk politics (and I don't).


I went in and seconded your monkey comment!


@lumpthar: We'd love to hear your suggestions on making things "more fun" on the woot forums. Speaking mod-official, it's part of our best interest to make sure the entire community feels fun everywhere :)

If you need to PM one of us because you don't wanna get into it here, that's also cool. :)


@lumpthar: It is different - not better or worse. I post here and there, and you cannot compare. Ahh, poetry.


@inkycatz: I hear you, but is it a goal to make it a game site?


@klozitshoper: Playing games is a good way to get people involved - it's a natural part of many (not all) forum communities. Currently "Everything But Woot" is definitely more forum game oriented than say, here, but I think there's room for all sorts of topics both silly and serious over there too.


@inkycatz Maybe its all personal preference, but it seems to me to be easier to have discussions on deals than on woot. Maybe because you can filter by your username and subscribe to topics. There also seems to be a divide between woot topics and deals questions. It gets cumbersome to wade through all the woot posts just to see if someone responded to you. Maybe the sites could be combined or crosslinked to be able to see the topics of each in one place.

I usually spend my time posting here until woot-off time, then shift gears to HQ.woot. Woot-off chatter is fun.


@inkycatz: BRING BACK WOOT CLUE! woot clue 2012, r.i.p.
you are missed


Not all changes are good ones, but I think those in control of making changes have heard plenty from some of us & realize that some ARE needed. It goes w/o saying that deals.woot needs FAQs/Rules. One central 'my account' is only logical.

Regarding the whole make-up of the entire woot site(s): Have mentioned before that I think there should be only ONE site w/separate TABS at the top of the page for each of the baby woots - Wine, Kids, Shirts, Sell-out, Moofi and Deals. Oops! I left out Home. Probably on purpose. It's a duplication of the main woot & sometimes wine.woot. Unnecessary, IMO. Also left out local-woot...

When you click on you'll be on the main page w/that deal of the day(a sub-tab for forums, possibly one for games, etc.?). Clicking on the other tabs would take you to that deal of the day on Kids, etc. No more searching around for the other sites, etc. Clearly visible, easy to navigate. User-friendly. & babies need a face-lift.


@gmwhit: :-D Yes, I'm replying to myself...ran out of room. I should have just said - easier navigation. Make the site whole. Use tabs. It's scattered about. Good example is the daily question on EACH of the sites.

I did mention FAQs for deals. Might want to beef up the main FAQs, too.

Thank you @shrdlu for bringing this to our attention!


@gmwhit: moofi probably should remain its own site so it can remain hidden from n00bs. That way they feel a sense of accomplishment when they discover it...only to discover that we all know "the secret".


@w00tgurl: I miss that too!
I looked forward to it everytime. It was fun and very entertaining. And TT is the best!!


@w00tgurl: There was some Woot Clue during the last woot-off with @ThunderThighs in charge!

Or was that not the same..?


@grimskull89: yes, the same except better because we'd play every Sunday through Thursday night at 11:00pm central. and each daily winner would get a prize! plus you'd know the upcoming midnight item before it got posted



Change has arrived. Could I have the old one back, please?


@shrdlu: Yeah I'm not digging it.. or at least not yet.

I have said this already but feel it needs to be repeated, I think with all the new changes Woot! has lost it's charm.