questionsdo you hate minimum purchase requirements on…


I think that is the purpose of those coupons.


It depends on whether or not the details of the coupon were stated before I did whatever was required to get the coupon.

For example, most coupons have minimum purchase requirements that are greater than the value of the coupon, some up to double the value of the coupon. Since this is clearly stated BEFORE you buy the coupon, I have no problem with the minimum requirements (the coupons are still a good deal if the group of people eating is large enough).

However, it sounds like you didn't know about the minimum purchase requirement when you took the surveyto get that $5 coupon. If the minimum was displayed and you ignored it, well that's nobody's fault but yours. But if the minimum was never specified, then I'd say you have every right to be annoyed.


I would say to not use the coupon then. The point as a consumer of using a coupon is to save money. If you end up spending more than intended, you aren't saving money.

The minimums don't bother me, I generally know about them ahead of time and plan accordingly.


Yes, this is the conundrum with coupons. I always find myself buying extra stuff I don't need and probably don't even really want so I can take advantage of a coupon. These businesses sure are clever or perhaps I sure am stupid...


Hate is such a strong word. Hate better describes my feelings towards reputation than minimum purchases with coupons. ;)


In general there is nothing you can do about it: they need/want to make money. As for this particular question i agree with baqui63

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I had one of those from Threadless as well. I just couldn't find anything I wanted in the few days the coupon was valid. I hate how they've gone from showing the designs to showing someone wearing the shirt. I used to love them, but I've moved on.


I just hate it when the coupon requires you to buy something specific. I buy those coupon books from people at work whose kids are selling them for band or whatever. Many of them are too specific. Buy a large one item pizza get a medium one item pizza free. I prefer my pizzas fully loaded. Buy a hamburger, get one free. I don't eat ground beef, but I would be glad to buy a chicken sandwich and give the free burger to my friend. Buy combination plate #6 get one free. I don't like half the stuff on combination plate #6, can't I buy a similarly priced one I like and get the #6 free for my less picky friend? I can understand limiting the free item to something that maybe doesn't cost the company as much, but they should let you pick out the one you are paying for. Half these coupons are useless to me because, while I'd be glad to shop there, I don't want the specific item they are offering.


I do not hate. I understand the reasoning behind them but for me personally on a fixed income they do make it difficult sometimes.