questionssince i'm in a curious mood, here's another n00b…


Because it gets moved to a different tab. There used to be multiple tabs and they made sense. Nowadays a fresh deal can be popular, but not make it to the popular tab. Old questions that sat on Fresh tab can pop up on popular if they get a pop of activity. Scary thing is, I've seen staff questions that have had zero comments and two negative votes go popular. In the end, it's all rigged and silly.


Because that is the way things are done on the "new and improved" Woot. Logic does not apply.


Is it possible to ask for a feature change so that fresh posts that become popular still retain their freshness?

The way it is now, it seems the majority of fresh posts become popular and shift to the popular tab leaving the majority of stuff on the fresh tab decidedly unfresh. If I'm looking to respond to new questions, I may (and do) miss some because they have made the transition between refreshes. And if I use the popular tab, its recent sort is based on when the question was made popular, not when it was created.

If the primary point of the question board is to answer questions, why in the world would you want to obfuscate new questions in favor of popular ones?


The problem is that d.w is moving kinda slow these days and a pretty high percentage of the "fresh" questions become "popular". So if they also stayed on the "fresh" tab as well, both tabs would have the same content some days.


This is the way it used to work. The problem is that there's so little activity that too many things are moving to the Popular tab. In earlier times, many people never even knew the Fresh tab existed, and only saw the questions that made it to Popular. I'd scare up some of the old questions where we discussed all this, including the mechanisms for what made a question popular, and how to move it over, so that others would see it.

I think that most of you would be surprised to hear that nearly all of the people who visit Deals dot Woot seldom see the Questions side, and of those that do, very few wander over to the Fresh tab. One of the things this causes is the random question askers to not realize that the question has been answered (although I believe that they are automagically signed up for answers, it may be that they've used a throwaway account, and are ignoring further emails).

Long day for me. Maybe I'll be back later. It's a worthy question, and deserves re-examination.