questionsare you more likely to vote up a black triangle's…


I don't even look at who posts an item most of the time.


As above, I try to read the post. Everybody has good ideas, and sometimes bad days. What has merit deserves recognition.


I don't look at that, before I determine my vote, unless I am on the fence about the deal. I am more likely to up-vote them, without checking out the deal myself, IE: clicking through, adding to cart, etc. I am more likely to investigate a white triangle's deal with more scrutiny.


No. It makes no difference.


Same as @nafslib, I usually just do a quick domain search for the site it's listed on if I haven't heard of it before. If it's sketchy looking, I voice my opinion in the comments and if someone vouches for it and they seem reliable, then I'll upvote and consider buying. Now, I'm not as likely to trust the poster of the deal if he/she vouches for the deal unless they've got a decent rep (no white triangles, and no join date less than a month old) and unless they can type with decent structure, as in no "Oh no ! Website very reliable. You should buy from it !"


Don't take the advice of a black-angle. We're all reprobates and slackers that do nothing but surf around on the web all day. How the heck do you think we come up with deals and semi helpful advice and lots of snarky comments? Yeah, it's a skillset, but our parents aren't exactly proud.


I've never even thought to look at the color of a triangle when looking at deals. For all of the posted deals I've taken advantage of, I honestly couldn't tell you who the OP was or the color of their triangle. This goes for voting too - I didn't even think to consider it.

I was a white triangle not very long ago, and my posts were just as good (or bad, depending on your viewpoint) as they are now.

Now that the idea has been put in my head though, I'm sure I will pay more attention to other people's triangle color, but color won't have any affect on whether I vote up or down.


Not even purple triangles? I lost my black triangle due to traveling and lack of Internet.... working my way back up


@underinsomnia: You'll get there soon. I suspect you'll pass me headed downward on your last leg upward. I'm just too frazzled to hunt for deals that haven't been posted already.


Who's to say a very thrifty newbie around here doesn't post a good deal from time to time? I think its all about what you are looking for and where you are willing to buy from, there are many sites and deals I look at and just know in my gut I don't trust, regardless of the person who posted it and the color of their triangle.


@underinsomnia: yeahh... i dunno, it was a little "harsh" some purples... like I know your name and have seen the stuff you've posted so I know you are a better purple


No. I only upvote deals that actually look like a good deal. Isn't that what we're supposed to be doing?


I'm not guilty of upvoting them just because they're a black triangle. Although, because I'm black triangle and have no life and spend all my time here...I tend to notice a lot more black-green triangles names just because they post more.

Also if someone says something incredibly stupid I'll feel more comfortable goofing with them if they're a black triangle.

Also it's always nice to see other triangles talking together on the regular woot pages during a wootoff. It's like we're part of a secret underground club and others are too lazy to click over.


@miquinn: Phew... thank you for making this purple triangle an exception. I actually worked up to purple from green. I have been feeling a bit odd as a non-black I haven't really posted deals. Also, like @magic cave said, lately it's hard to post deals that someone else hasn't already posted.


I just check out the deals. If it is a good deal, I will vote for it no matter who posted it. I will also tattle on any duplicate no matter who posted it - I just feel ashamed when I am tattling on a duplicate that a black triangle has posted - the black triangle should be more diligent and know that you have to search several ways to be assured that it is not a duplicate.


That's Racist!
(Colorist? Trianglist?)


@underinsomnia: Hmmm, I know in your heart, that you are still a black triangle. I am rooting for you during your sisyphean task, and, I promise to start an epic poem about this struggle, once you regain your ebon trigon, and emerge, triumphant!

We should start a voting block, to up vote all of underinsomnia's posts. Everyone gives a little extra for the holidays, don't you have an up-vote laying around, unused? For just 3 votes a day, you can help this wooter, who just wants to enjoy the benefits and status that is taken for granted by those who are better off. Why that's less than a cup of coffee.


Long answer: Have mentioned before that I up-vote almost all comments/answers on deals/questions. It's my way of thanking that person for commenting/answering. I like to hear other's opinions. Pay little, if any, attention to the color of the triangle. On deals/questions - I up-vote those that interest me. Once again, color is not involved. On second thought, I do admit that a white triangle gives me pause. But, only to look to make sure it's not a spammish deal, or a nonsensical question. I don't down-vote deals or questions. Just never felt the need, or figured out how that impacts anything.

Short answer: No. ;-)


@underinsomnia: Yup, same here...too much travel and busy-ness lately. Oh well.


Not really, though I probably am more likely to upvote posts from people I recognize.

Since black triangles are the most active members of deals.woot, I am more likely to recognize a black (or purple, which looks almost black on my monitor) triangle's name.


Doesn't matter, a deal is a deal. If I think the deal is really good (something I would buy if I had the money), or something I actually buy.. I upvote it.


Like Stephen colbert,

"I don't see color"

all isosceles triangles are created and treated equally!


i honestly look at the deal and if it's a duplicate or not more than anything else. if a black triangle has posted though, i do tend to put more merit into their deal posting as being fleshed out (non-duplicate, good deal, worth the time to review further).

i've noticed of late there are a lot of deals being re-posted as duplicates by non-black triangle members. more bluntly, the black triangle deal posted (and voted up) has been repeated hours later (sometimes by multiple persons at different times). of course i try to tattle these when possible, but sometimes...sheesh, there's too many of them it seems to keep up!

a deals a deal, though no matter how big or small. to be honest, i look more at the product and the site offering the deal. if a black triangle has added it, i do mull it over a bit more as opposed to say a white triangle.


@pickypickypicky: Can you call it "Atlas Shrugged AGAIN?"

I really only notice when it's a white triangle posting a deal and don't recognize the seller. I won't necessarily downvote, but definitely hesitate on upvoting it.


Lest you ever think that the black triangles are more knowledgeable/trustworthy/whatever, just remember this question:

At the time the question was asked mammacat had a white! triangle.... (I was amused.)


How does the color of the triangle have any bearing on the quality of a deal. I know that I have hastily posted some carp deals and I'm the first to admit it... I almost never look at who has posted a deal.


I guess everybody is doing it. Compare this duplicate deals:

I am the one who down-voted the first deal, because the black triangle who posted it was shown a message that his deal is a duplicate. He knew clearly what he was doing. I know, because I tried to post the same deal a little after it was posted for the first time and was shown the same message.


Please disregard the above comment. I did not know wootbot is to be ignored.


Nope. Each post should be judged on it's own merit. If someone says something incorrect or just flat out dumb, they get the down.


@mx023: Don't you mean equilateral triangles?



I considered adding that comment but decided it wasn't worth it since all equilateral triangles are also isosceles triangles.