questionsfacebook strangeness?


Wow...that happened here too...MSN's problem? :::goes off to scrub computer of facebook contaminant:::


We're not the only ones either. I asked friends on FB and it's happening to them too.

I wonder what the connection between the two is and if it's FB, MSN, ad networks or what.


Also noticed FB is acting weirder than normal with the sponsored ads (which I normally ignore) are now posts made by my friends from a few days ago. I've tried keeping on top of my privacy controls as best I can considering the frequent changes FB makes, but the weirdness is beginning to make me wonder if the controls are actually in effect.


Facebook is the devil

All told


Must be fixed or I'm just lucky because it didn't happen to me.


@lavikinga: Here's an article you may be interested to read:

Most people don't seem to know that if you post a link to, say, Amazon, Amazon can then choose to sponsor that post (but not see the post) regardless of your privacy settings with the intent that it will get seen by more of your friends. It's sometimes worth more money for pages to sponsor posts that will lead to good word of mouth between friends than it is to promote posts from their own page. So- your privacy settings are still respected BUT if you link to a url of interest to and owned by a brand page, you may end up sponsored and bumped when that brand pays to do so.


@agingdragqueen: Ah, I thought that might be the case, especially as his post had included a link to reviews on Amazon for the book "How To Avoid Big Ships." I suppose that makes sense.
I wonder, has anyone else built up an inner filter to advertising on websites? This current laptop I am using does not have any ad blockers running (not that they'd work on FB). I'm finding it extremely easy to concentrate on only what I want to see center page disregarding all the advertising noise along the margins.
What I mean is I know it's there, but if pressed for details, I'd have a hard time recalling exactly what it was for other than generalities such as "food," or "girl with a pretty face."