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Dearest Consumees,

LOL TRICKED YOU! By which I mean, I forgot to give you the coupon code. Tee Hee! Such a scamp I am!

Anyway use DWJULY12 and you’ll get that $5 coupon I mentioned before. I blame the guy who ghost writes these for me. Trust me, his job is hanging by a thread now.

Secretum Latina Codice Verba!

– Jumbowoot


uhh...there's no actual code in the email?

edit: DW chat says it's DWJULY12


I am indeed a bad mamma-jamma.


got the same email from @Jumbowoot, but my question is what's the coupon code? Shouldn't it start with something like DW whatever month it happened in and the year.


@psumek: all thanks should go to @agingdragqueen. she's the one who posted it in DW chat.

all hail @agingdragqueen (and of course, @jumbowoot)


I also grabbed the brass ring and joined the ranks of the creme-de-la-sicles!!

Thanks Jumbowoot!!! <3


Secretum Latina Codice Verba = secret Latin code words?


@carl669: I can confirm that @carl669 is correct DWJULY12 does in fact work.


I'm pretty sure @jumbowoot is going insane, and I'm right on board that crazy train!


I am!

Happy to be a member and can't wait to spend the coupon. Hopefully something good during the woot-off tomorrow.


I am, I'm just not sure what my coupon code is. There's usually one provided in the email. Any ideas @jumboowoot?


Are we supposed to be so awesome that we can figure out the code by ourselves this month, or am I just blind?


@jumbowoot: Gotta say, though, the slight omission caused me to reread and giggle over the email three times!


Big ups for my brother from another mother @JUMBOWOOT !


@jumbowoot: : Hey! Jumbo this Cockatrice sounds like a pretty scary dude! Check out

where this creature has many different modes of conceptions and possible manifestations of form. One of its skills is to change people who look at it to stone, like Medusa! Maybe you should have your ‘ghost’ writer take a looksee and become such!!


@capguncowboy: "Just like they figured out the magic condition this time was votes on a post tagged #electronics? Yeah, of course they did. You Cockatrices are some bad mamma-jammas."


Seriously creme-de-la-sicles is one of the best phrases ever. Totally using that at least once a day for the rest of the week. That's (almost) as good as the coupon itself! Thanks @jumbowoot !!


I didn't even notice there wasn't a code in the email until I saw the comments here. I wonder if they'll send a revised email.

Thanks, jumbo!


The code is so secret it wasn't in the e-mail, but it was a witty e-mail.

Thanks @jumbowoot for the $5 coupon - I will now go make a homemade shirt, "I am a cockatrician!" to go with my crab rebellion.


@raider9924: Thanks a ton for the link. Now I know I got $5 for my Grandmother's 50s kitchen phone! Do I have to file an estate tax adjustment with IRS????

ps I left you the +positive thing U saved me hours of trying how to find #electronics tag


So can we expect some of these in tomorrow's WootOff?



@jumbowoot: No worries. Thanks again for the bonus.

BTW just used it for some Nerf swag and it went through perfectly!


@carl669: funky. Thanks. Wondered what it was.


waving hand over head me, me, me -- I am! :)


i love finding jumbowoot emails in my inbox. thanks, @jumbowoot! :)


I, too, am a cockatrician! Thank you @jumbowoot.


Writting in to report that The Hoff got a coupon. The Hoff Loves to Shop! Thank you @jumbowoot for this special treasure. I shall hold it dear to my heart and use it to buy something nice for my daughters or today's Wine.Woot.

Looks like we got a coupon, who is ready for a woot-hoff?


Can I put that on my resume now?


Score! Ready to score free shipping all day for the woot off! Thanks @jumbowoot !


I am! I am! Thank you, @jumbowoot for such a great honor.


I gratefully accept my newest rank. Thanks @jumbowoot


My triangle is no longer black, but thank you, thank you @jumbowoot! Very handy of you to gift these right before a woot-off.


I'm a member! Thanks JumboWoot!

And I came here to see if I was blind or if there wasn't a code attached :)


I think @jumbowoot may have gotten into some of that new Woot Cellars Fruit Bomber a bit early today.....

Thanks as always for the coupon and good laugh to top it off!


Hail mighty JumboWoot bestower of titles!


@mkentosh: No. You're thinking of a cockathrice.

No. The codes aren't secret. You can only use the code if your account has been pre-activated for that code.


I got it, you da man Mr. Woot


@jumbowoot: Thank you so much for the heads up and the clarification of the coupon code. As always your the best and Thank you @Jumbowoot.


Psstt.. everyone that reads this will now join our ranks although they be mere commoners. That kinda took the creme off my sicle..


No love for this cowboy. I still love you anyway @jumbowoot

What was the feat that the coupon was given for anyway?