questionsyou're eating what for breakfast? (the holiday…


I'm eating: Polish Sausage on a bun. Heated up in the microwave of course.

We just had our annual Christmas party with 30+ guests on Saturday (sorry if you didn't get an invite!) We have a bit of excess food, so my lunch today will consist of meatballs, cocktail weenies, and an assortment of veggies and desserts. I'll be doing a morning and evening jog this whole week. When our guests leave with put their food on in a container and give them their serving dish back, we keep and try to consume all the leftovers.

Last year more people drank more beer vs the mixers, so we had excess mixers, this year it was opposite so I have about 2 cases of assorted beer. I plan to polish that off before the new year.


At work we celebrate "The 12 days of Christmas" (my bright idea years ago that has become a tradition) by signing up to bring pot luck breakfasts for the 3 weeks (we work 4/10) preceding Christmas. There are about 40 of us, so it's about 3 people bringing each day. This morning was homemade egg and sausage or egg and chorizo burritos, Dunkin Donuts, bakery cookies, homemade blueberry muffins, and homemade hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows on top. Last Thursday was my turn and I I brought a cake and brownies plate which I decorated nicely. Someone else brought champurrado, which I hadn't had in years.


I'm the baker. I feel an obsessive need to make lots and lots of Christmas treats, for no particular reason. My kids appreciate it, though, and I bring lots of stuff in to my small office.

And I eat a great deal of it myself!

My necessary holiday items are the pecan cookies my mom always made, buckeyes (those peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate), gingerbread, and peppermint cookies.

And I have to drink a lot of Cokes in the festive polar bear cans.


I'm eating a leftover half sub - turkey, swiss, lettuce, mayo.

What I'm making today?
From scratch:
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate cookies with mint chips
Chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips
Oatmeal Cookies (some w/raisins, some w/o)
Slutty bownies
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Chocolate chip and bacon bit cookies (first time on these, we'll see how batch 1 goes)
fudge if I have the time and ingredients left over
aaannnddd Cake Pops (these are from a kit)

My friends are all foodies, this season I'll be recieving: sugar cookies, oreo balls, homemade candy, fudge, idk what else.


every time i go near the stove, oven or anything other than the microwave and attempt to prepare "food," something CATASTROPHIC happens.

i can't bring myself to do this to the people around me. their celebrations shouldn't end in tears.


Here's a photo of the dish I made for our office Christmas breakfast last Thursday: I am working on better food presentation so I am taking pictures to record what works and what doesn't.

The bottom is mocha fudge brownies with cream cheese icing and Hershey's special dark chocolate syrup drizzled on top. The top is a double chocolate cake in the shape of a rose (cake pan bought on a woot-off for bonus points), also drizzled with cream cheese icing and special dark syrup, with whipped cream, cookies and candy canes for decoration.


@moondrake: Holy Delicious cake mountain! I want that.


@moondrake: Well-done! @thumperchick: Got a favorite slutty brownie recipe you would share? :)


@moondrake: That picture is like food porn. And some of the most hardcore, filthy food porn at that.

As for the Q. I eat more than I make, as it should be and I always get to leave dinners with the most leftovers out of everyone else.

My guiltiest pleasure is a succulent braised beef that costs either a ridiculous amount of money or a ridiculous amount of time. We tend to only eat this during big family dinners.

My favorite thing to make is banana bread with either a chocolate swirl or candied pecans. I just started making whoopie pies and those are pretty great.


Well, now I'm very hungry for things with sugar and it's after midnight ; ) Not much of a baker. I tend to make things on the holidays that take some time, like chili, and have fun with the seasoning. Had a really tasty holiday biryani (in honor of Hanukkah, I believe) at the Indian buffet we go to once a month, looked up a recipe and might give it a try for Christmas.


@jsimsace: Not yet. This is my 2nd time making them. I use the tollhouse choc chip cookie recipe for the bottom and haven't found the perfect brownie for the top yet.

@lonelypond: I have a few hundred cookies downstairs and am trying to not eat them.


@thumperchick: so long night...good luck ; ) We used to make holiday cookies as a family event and one Christmas (5 or 6 yrs old) I got sick eating the cookie dough, I was so amazed Santa still showed up the next morning.


@curtisuxor, @jsimsace, @thumperchick: Thanks! Glad to know my baking and decorating efforts are not in vain. The food didn't last very long after I cut the first slice, no one else was willing to take a knife to it.