questionswill the $dollar eventually collapse? how soon?


Have you ever tried to make a house of cards with dollar bills? They collapse so easily.

But the gold sacagawea coins? Challenge accepted.


@holymythos: I have, but mine never collapsed.


@iggz: So pro. I wish I was just like you;


@holymythos: Thanks, I actually hear that a lot.


The true collapse of the dollar, not a temporary stint of major inflation brought on by some event like a financial default, would imply the collapse of the American government which normally guarantees it, and the international financial systems which rely on the dollar to operate. This will hopefully not happen for some time, probably at least another 100 or so years before our overuse of resources catches up to us and money loses its value as opposed to goods.

The reason gold and silver constantly improve in value is due to inflation which is normal in a growing economy (even if the growth is at a very slow pace). It's not something which should be looked down upon because inflation generally results in reduced unemployment.


It's collapsing tomorrow, get your freeze dried 30lb buckets of broccoli NOW.


Yes. I hate when it happens. Throw the laundry in the wash, and 2 hours later I get a mutilated collapsed wad of that was once cash.