questionsdoes anybody else play the "a google a day" game?


Interesting. Never seen it before.

I got today's answer in 3:05, though I spent time reading about the 1800 elections instead of just answering the question... probably would have been about two minutes if I hadn't done so.


doesnt google maps have a toggle for walking distance? and is that the same as 'as the crow flies' distance?


@wootfast: Yes and no.

Basically, the walking directions ignore non-pedestrian routes (highways) and things like one-way streets, but will give you directions following streets, roads and paths as long as they appear on the map.


I just tried playing. Apparently for today's question you have to answer the full name of the president in question instead of just the last name. That would have saved me a good two minutes...



Yep, that cost me a few seconds as well.


Ha just tried it out. Kinda cool.


@durkzilla and @wootfast:
While on Google Maps, you can click the gear in the upper-right (next to your userid or "sign in"), then choose Google Labs. Then toggle the Distance Measurement Tool on and Save changes. The click the small ruler in the bottom left of the map. On the left pane, you can now choose Metric vs English. Then click the start and end points on the map!
Result = distance "as the crow flys"


@bsmith1: Yep, and when I did that and entered the distance my answer was "incorrect"...


Today's question was as equally frustrating: What’s the difference, in feet, between the highest point on land and the deepest point in the ocean?

The lowest point on earth is 36,168 feet. The highest is 29,035 feet.

Ok mathematicians, what is the difference?

I say it is 65,203 feet. Am I correct, according to "A Google a Day"?

Nope. They say the "difference" is 7133 feet.

I think I need to stop playing this game...



Meh. I see your point, but consider the following.

Both ocean depth and mountain height are positive quantities. We do not say, "-600 feet below sea level" but rather, "600 feet below sea level."


I had the answer to today's question in just over a minute, but without the first word of the answer, which is completely superfluous in this case, the answer wasn't accepted. Thus it took 2:03 as I presumed I'd missed something.


No... some ppl actually have legitimate lives!


@sae251525: Commenting in a two year old thread? Talk about having legitimate lives...