questionswhats your best excuse to get out of a ticket, if…


"These aren't the droids you're looking for"


My experience has revealed that the more straight forward you approach the ticket the more likely they will be lenient. Excuses just show that you know what you were doing was wrong, and you decided to do it anyway. Being straight forward shows the same thing but avoids the bullcrap.


By the time I turned 18 I had 20 warnings/fix-it tickets.
Fix-it "I did not know that x was broke" (worked for me 1x got 3 fix it tickets)
Speeding. Hands 10 and 2 until the offer shows up in to your window. Move slow. Show respect, let him talk wait until s/he is done with the bla bla bla. If he asked if you knew you were speeding, answer yes sheepishly apologize and say you were in a hurry to X. X should be a real thing. When you have to show registration and proof of insurance pull all the old proof of insurances out of your glove compartment. When he tells you you only need this one ask "so I can throw the others away?" When yes say thanks!. Just as he is about to go ask how long is this going to take because I really need to be at X. Tickets take longer then warnings, so if believed you will most likely get a warning.



*This method worked several years ago and may have been made invalid by cellphones and PC's in the cop car.

*Warnings do not show on your record. Once you get a real ticket you will be seen as a repeat offender.

If people are voting my answer up I will explain how I talked my way out of a drag race in town (we were not speeding when caught) and when I drifted around a corner for just under 1/2 a block.


I understand why there are laws and I choose to abide by nearly all of them. As with most Americans (possibly all people), my biggest crutch is speeding. We all think we are great drivers and always could use extra time.

With that said, I only answer the questions the officer asks and never outright admit, then use a lawyer to reduce the violation to at least a non-moving violation because despite the lawyer fees, it's cheaper in the long run if you include insurance increases. I could argue on a case by case basis as to why I felt safe enough to speed in each instance but really what's the point.

I take speeding tickets as a reality check that I deserved and if they become frequent (as in more than once every couple years IMO), then I need to change my habits.


Jam your finger in your nose to make it bleed. Then explain to the officer that you were just trying to get to the next exit so you could get some tissues.