questionswill a woot!off get me out of jury duty?


@ojulius: Plenty of time to dabble in the Woot-off. Maybe not enough to time a BOC or monkey ;) You know how that goes :)


@mellielou: Was 4:30 pm today, now 11 am tomorrow. pst.


Woot off has commenced. What time do you have to wake up for jury duty?


I don't know..... The Jury is still out.

Jury's back now. Yes, a Woot-Off will get you out of Jury Duty.


Never been called, but I seriously doubt that "But there's a woot-off" is a plausible excuse. YMMV.


If you eagerly and earnestly explain to the judge and lawyers that you have to be released RIGHT NOW because there's a woot-off going on and you're afraid that you might miss the LeakFrogs or Todd's Dirt or the Bags of Crap or - WOOTGODS FORBID! - the Flying, Screaming Monkeys... I have a funny feeling that you might be dismissed fairly quickly. :)


Frak! I HATE this interface and how it dumps carefully typed out responses just before you submit them!

I've served 6 times, most recently in Federal civil court, tho I've never been selected for a case... The lawyers don't like it when a potential juror (honestly) explains that he doesn't like that jurors are not allowed to ask questions of the witnesses (explaining this seems to scare them).

Re: playing the racist card: in NY State, service is officially 2 weeks, tho unless selected for a case, service is rarely more than one or two days. I've twice watched a judge first confirm that a person is actually claiming to be racist and then explain that they will now be serving out the entire two weeks of jury duty sitting in the main waiting room.


@djbowman: In my experience it is boring. I have gotten notices maybe 6 times and excused before I went once. Most of the time was spent sitting in a room waiting for someone to tell you what to do next. I take a book and read.

I was selected for a jury twice and only heard one short case. I am lucky because my job will pay me for the time I would have worked instead of losing a day or more of work.

For the record, Woot-off days should be holidays for all active members.


Funny, every time I've been called up the mere mention of being a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, having a concealed carry permit and believing in "castle doctrine" seems to get me dismissed pretty darn quickly.


Am I weird that I think it would be cool to serve on a jury ? Did I read to much John Grisham as a kid ? I find the entire idea interesting but in general I move so often I have never even gotten a notice ... Is it usually just super boring and therefore dumb ?


You could always walk in and say, "I am your man! I can smell a guilty person a mile away... one look at em and I will know if he/she did it or not!"


@grimskull89: What likely happened is that the case was settled before it went to court. This is a common occurrence, yet it counts as having server, so depending on the jurisdiction it counts as having server, so means you won't have to server again for a particular time period, usually one year.


Last time I got called I was dismissed because it was a murder trial and my nephew had recently been tried for manslaughter. I told the judge and lawyers, quite honestly, that I felt my nephew had been railroaded every step of the way and I did not trust prosecutors to find the truth in a matter as much as they want to just put someone, anyone, behind bars.

However, for the record, let me say that I have never tried to get out of jury duty. I served once before on a federal drug trial and the process was fascinating. As long as it's not a severe financial hardship I encourage everyone to participate. Besides taxes it's the only thing the government ever asks a citizen to do.

(FYI, my nephew and a friend were shooting heroin. My nephew injected his friend who went into shock. Nephew called an ambulance, but friend died two days later from a staph infection contracted in the hospital. Nephew was charged with manslaughter, yet had they gone to a cleaner hospital he'd be alive today.)


Jury duty is such a joke...

My Dad has gone every time they have asked him to, and they put him in a room with like 600 other people (sometimes more), and on a busy day at the court maybe 12 people get picked while the rest sit around til they get sent home.

Heck, the last time he went, which was like two weeks ago, he was part of jury group 1, who was sent to lunch first. They came back, and everyone was sent home and no one was needed that day.


If you are on your smartphone Wooting, then I'm sure they will be more than happy to kick you out. Of course you might get held in contempt of court so I hope you would at least be able to score a sweet deal first.


I got called for jury duty a couple months ago, and they were practically begging people to find reasons to not serve.

Have you served in a jury in the past three years?
Have you EVER been convicted of any drug or alcohol related crime?
Do you have someone at home who is dependent on your constant care?
Are you over 65?
Do you work the night shift?

Those are just some of the questions they asked to disqualify people from the jury. The judge spent at least a good half hour on asking people to find a reason to take off. A lot of people who showed up probably could have gotten out of it if they'd wanted.


@pilotwillie: I really don't mind being on jury duty, and have never tried to talk my way out of it. But, like, priorities are priorities!!


I doubt it'll work, but it would be interesting to hear what they say. Hate and/or racism seems to work well to get out of it though. Last time I was up for jury duty three people got dismissed by saying they didn't like Mexicans. One seemed to legitimately not like them, the other two followed because they saw the other guy get out of it. That would only help if defendant and plaintiff were there and matched the proper criteria though.


Just mail them a Centon 64GB DataStick Sport containing an mp3 of the woot-off theme song, as well as a flying monkey.
They'll understand.