questionshelp! where can i find a good indoor rc car?


Also, what is better.. Radio Controlled or Remote Controlled? and what does RC stand for (which one?!)


Carpet and hardwood/tile/lino?
At the least you want to steer both directions in forward and reverse.
My fav of my kids was a pikachu car. It has amazing steering and can slightly spin out on the ceramic tile.
(it is the big one in this video)


I've purchased several over the last few years for the grandchildren. The last ones I bought were helicoptors. They were so loud, you couldn't hold a conversation while they were being played with. I've stopped buying any of them now. They use too many batteries, take too long to charge, for the amount of play time you get and they break easily.


I got an AirHogs Hyperactive recently. It uses the same micro-digital motor technology as the choppers do. They're fast too. They go about 20mph, they're virtually indestructable, and you can get them for about $40. The remote runs on 2.4ghz frequencies, so you can run multiple bands in the same room, and it has a range of about 100 feet. The only thing I don't like about it, is the car charges from the remote, and it really kills the batteries, but being that you're a woot guy, you can get those on the cheap anyway

Hyperactives are sold on Amazon and at your local stores as well (the price is about the same either way)

They are a little difficult to control without a lot of space, but easy to jump. They're also easy to drift on smooth surface floors, and if they do roll, they have a plastic band that pushes them back onto their wheels.
I'm 29 and I've had a blast with mine


@devexityspace: Radio controlled- then you can use it when you don't have a direct line between the remote and the car. Most cars that say remote controlled are actually radio controlled though so it's not a big concern. The only cars that I know of that were not radio controlled were miniature, matchbox sized cars and useless cheap ones that could only go straight.


@gopvifootball: My son has one of these (controlled by Infrared Light) and he loves it. You just shine the light onto the floor and the car chases it. It's perfect for a little kid


@devexityspace: I am not so sure you really want built in batteries. If you get the AA type you can have a few sets of rechargeable batteries to keep em on the go. AAs will last much longer. Some of the cars will not run on the carpet, read the reviews, but you will see a pattern of car type.
If it were me I would keep looking, you have not found your car yet...
Unless you use the no carpet to control where the cars are played with.
Are you getting more then one car, if yes you will need to worry about the radio frequency. They need to be different to be used at the same time.


do you want a $40 toy or do you want a real radio controlled car? you can spend several hundred on just the car, another few hundred on the electronics for it, a decent radio is 50-100 bucks and a really good radio is 150-300 bucks, and battery packs are the same way, a cheapo is 20 bucks and a good pack can be up to a 100 bucks.

you should go to a local track and just watch and learn and see what others are using. if a lot of people run a certain car then that probably tells you its a popular model or it works well with the track its running on.

R/C is a big learning curve but nothing is more fun, either by yourself, with a friend or especially family members. its a great time and once the initial investment is made you can have a lot of fun for cheap!