questionsso is it cool to ask questions like we used to?


SHHHHHHH! don't ask non deal related questions about non deal related questions! nobody likes deal related questions so maybe if we don't bring attention to it all our non deal related questions won't be deleted for being non deal related.


First rule of non-deal-related-question-post-club: don't talk about non-deal-related-question-post-club.


I much prefer the chat questions to the: "I need to find a 58 inch plasma and LED tv (yes, both) with all the apps and bluetooth and built in bluray player and baby bottle warmer and it needs to cost less than 300 dollars. Can you help me?"


@thunderthighs: how did you find that picture of me at my home office? :)


@zuiquan: I prefer:

LED or LCD TV and did you watch Breaking Bad last night?
Need a new Blu-ray player. Oh, how about that Ranger game?


@thunderthighs: Leave it to you to put a smile on my face on a most stressful work day. Thanks for the fun comments.


@thunderthighs: I don't know nuthin' 'bout no TV's, but for the rest of my life I'll shudder a little whenever I meet some one named Andrea.


I hope we can keep this up. I can't get drunk on Woot wine anymore since they stopped shipping to Georgia. And a whole bunch of other states.


We should have a resolution soon for everyone. In the meantime ask your questions but if they are duplicates they will be deleted. A question about if you can ask a question has been asked already :).

I don't know how much I can say beyond that at the moment.


@prettywootprincess: This is (hint at) fantastic news! I knew forcing myself to check almost daily would pay off!


So, how is the Woot wine? Provided we will be able to get it again soon?