questionswhat's your take on the latest super smash bros…


Sounds fun. I was introduced to Super Smash Bros. this past weekend by a kid i work with it and I really enjoy the game. I would try her out for a round or two.


Hmm, why would that make you angry? Now I'm confused.

I really don't like the game, but my kids love it and have just recently taken to playing it again after months of it never getting taken out of the case. I like the new character and think it's pretty clever.


i think it's kind of funny.

i haven't played smash bros in years, but i think it's good that they're expanding their character catalog. i'm curious to see how powerful her character is in comparison to the established characters


As long as they keep Jigglypuff in, I'm happy.


The smash bros. games are always fantastic, so I'm not worried.