questionswhat to get for my 10 year work anniversary?


A guy at my work just got a friggen Telescope for his 20 yr anniversary.. you could always ask for random crap like that...


i second the telescope idea. when i moved to seattle, my chicago friends had a going away party for me. they all pitched in and bought me a Meade ETX90.


How about a nice new grill?

I like to grill out 2-3 times a month and it's always a lot more fun when you have a nice grill.

The stainless lines from Char-broil and Weber are nice


The telescope idea might be a good one if you are in a place with relatively dark skies. (Here in NYC, they aren't all that useful.)

You might want to ask for something that will be very easy to convert into your first choice (ie. cash), though most things are unlikely to gain much, if any, value in the timeframe.

About two years ago the retirement gift for one of the guys a work was a fishing reel, and I believe it was in your price range.


Lame But Useful... A Gas Card? Never get tired of these as gifts anymore..


Thanks for some ideas. I think the telescope is an interesting idea, however, I live just outside of Portland, OR. So the light pollution is not horrible, but also the night sky isn't very brilliant.
I have a covered area outside that my grill has found a home in. I have the rare 5 burner Charbroil Quantum. It could use a lil smokin buddy tho.

Any chance I could get a decent DSLR for around $400? Any thoughts on the Nikon D3000?


@widmer69: Gee, that's a really nice amount for a 10 yr. anniversary gift. All I got was a clock that wouldn't keep time. It had a metal plaque that said how grateful they were for my service, yada, yada, yada. I was fired six months later.

Go for a gas card!

Does Woot! have gift certificates?


@katblue: Believe me, I was totally shocked when I was whispered the amount. My company is a very employee friendly place. The owners are very nice to everybody. I can count on one hand the number of the people that have been fired over the years.

Sadly, no Woot gift cards :(


@widmer69: It's getting to be quite rare for companies to provide such recognition, no matter what the amount is. Maybe you are just a super good employee?

@snapster: How about selling Woot gift cards?