questionswhat is your favorite 'retro' sneaker?


I have worn Adidas Originals for years now. They were pretty cheap for a couple of years but now they're back up to normal shoe price which is disappointing for my wallet. They just have that sleek fresh classy look especially when they're exceptionally clean.


I've stopped using them, but I went thru a few pairs of Nike Air Pegasus shoes over the years. I think I first had them in 1989 or so. The shoe keeps on changing, still being made, and looks nothing like the shoes I had back then, but I like the basic style that Nike started with.


Reebok Classics! Can't live without 'em.


Tretorns, although they've changed the quality. They are a lot flimsier than they used to be.

I wear Air Pegasus for walking/jogging. They are very comfortable. I didn't realize they had been around that long.

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Chuck Taylors Good ol' canvas and rubber.


@whatsmypassword: Agreed. Been wearing All-Stars since the early 70s. It was my first purchase with my first paycheck ever while in Jr. High School.

It sucks that Nike moved the manufacturing overseas after they bought Converse, but I just can't give them up.