questionswhy must we guess at the weight of woot-offered…


I think that is a completely reasonable request.


Usually the fastest way to get info on a woot offering is to pose the question in the product's forum. A mod or helpful wooter will usually pop in with an answer, provided the item lasts long enough.


The images of the chocolate bars showed they were 2 ounces (57 grams) of chocolate per bar.

I hate that you were having issues locating that information and I agree that it should have been listed under the description tab.


Yes, it should be listed. And just to piggyback on this a little, am I to assume that all wines are 750's unless otherwise stated? Because it doesn't say for many of the offerings.


Seems reasonable to me to want that info posted, especially during a woot-off when items change so quickly that there may not be time for a mod to answer a question. You might want to page a mod here, to bring it to their attention.


Thanks for the heads up.
We've passed along your concerns.

All told.


Thank you, fellow wooters, for reading and commenting (and voting).

Thank you, jumbowoot, for responding on this thread.

Much appreciated, everyone.