questionsdo you think there should be a coupons.woot?


I think if it is just a coupon code for an online site, leave it as it is... however, if you are talking about printed coupons like for $1 off for a store like walmart, it may be helpful but not necessary... yet.


Isn't deals.woot kindof like coupon.woot? I'd think there would be some overlap....


I used to visit a site that would tell you hey we found this thing priced down to $49.99 from 69.99 if add this pack of pens to increase the price over $50 then use the coupon for %20 and free shipping over $50 then ask you to send a rebate for $20. You would get the $69.99 product for 20 bucks ... I liked getting %60 off a the good price. (Not so much rebates, but back then I had a rebate tracking program and it would send reminders of over due rebates).


I agree with @jsoko. Print out coupons, sure, especially for food stuffs.


No change.
Deals.Woot handles codes and coupons just fine.

The use of tags for Coupon or Promo Code is sufficient to sort or find.

Though I guess you could add this as a Feature Request that there be a check mark item tagging an entry as a Code, Promo Code or Coupon item, so they could be better aggregated.

It may be a that new users may not be as familiar with search tools and sorting tabs??


@okham: I definitely agree that there would be overlap. However, coupon websites are still a different entity (like woot trying out local.woot, even though its still just deals in general). It might be worth trying, I think :)


@dmaz: Yep, those are the sites I scan to post deals here. :)


Eh, if coupons become a problem, or overtake things, they could just add a coupon tab. but I don't think it's needed now.


I've no beef with coupons.
It's the eleventy billion free samples that bum me out.


Nope. No more branching off new woot sites. The place will end up so balkanized that it's totally worthless.


@defragmeout: For me, it's the 27 gazillion free ebooks. I think that might be the only new woot-branch I'd vote for.


I don't think there needs to be another site, but it'd be nice if there was a way to filter. I'm not a fan of coupons or free samples, so it'd be nice if there was a way to just show everything else.


I'm just wondering: is it that much of a hassle to type in coupon codes?

I still revel in the "magic" of typing in a special code and seeing the price of your basket change for no apparent reason.