questionswhat did you get in the random-everything shirt…


Still waiting for mine....


My hoodie won't make it to Seattle until Friday (or so it says right now). From Sept 4th to the 11th it had only made it to Phoenix which means it hasn't even entered the snail post black hole that is California yet O.O


Getting mine in a few hours, according to tracking. Can't wait to see what I get!


Wont get my 3 Large T-Shirts until Friday, unless I'm unlucky, then Saturday or Monday next week :(


Three women's short sleeve tees. (pretty cool) (Not digging this one at all)
And a third that I can't ID. I remember seeing it in the past, but I don't remember the title or the artist. :(

Two of them I'll keep, but the penguin has to find a new home.


I declined to participate in this one. :(


Well, the long-sleeve tees arrived today, and one tote.

The long-sleeve tees are:

Poison, I got two because I ordered one, then ended up with some extra money and bought two more...and managed to get two of the same shirt...definitely selling/trading one

Khione, not too sure about this one...

The tote is:
Over-encumbered and cannot run...not too sure about this one either.

I'm still waiting on my tees, a zip up hoodie, two more totes (ordered separately again, hopefully not another duplicate in the two!), the greeting cards and the pocket prints


Oh, tracking promised them here by Friday, but I got them today. That was a pleasant surprise.

Pull over Hoodie:

I'm not big on Zombie culture, but this serviceable, I guess. I'm just glad I didn't get Chucknorium, like some other people. Speaking of which, neither that nor Zombeer is on Narf's list. I wonder what other designs might be in the mix for the posters I'm still awaiting.

ML Tshirts:
I don't know. It's black, which is better than the Yellow and Creme that my other shirts are on, but it's one of those shirts that people have to peer at to get it, and the joke's not worth the effort, so the other person politely chuckles, and I feel like I have to apologize for wasting their time somehow.
Don't like Lemon, do like cats. Will wear and beware of spaghetti sauce

Another one that I can't find with a watercolor hummingbird and a flower on creme.


Men's large hoodie:

Would love to trade! I'm okay with this design on a $6 shirt but for a $15 hoodie I would rather have something I love. Yes, I am cheap. :/


Ended up getting my hoodie yesterday. Small pullover "coat of no arms". Let me know if anyone wants to trade. It's not bad, but I don't wear black hoodies much!