questionshave you seen the woot-off cubicle discussions…


Silly woot putting this question in "top" without merit.

But to answer your question, no, but thanks.

Insert obligatory anti-social-media-neo-woot-all-things-must-burn comment.


@xarous: Same boat here. :::insert heavy sigh::: The good old days.....weren't they awesome?


Well I understand the whole "Deals are Deals folk" and "Wooters are Woot side peeps" mentality, but I just thought it might be encouraging to have people participate in discussions and ongoing Woot-Off contests.


@rogetray: Oh I understand and thanked you for the links. I just though it was odd that a post from a staff badge was in "top" with one vote down and a couple up almost an hour since its creation. (When I first saw the post and commented.)

The "deals are deals people" and generally we/they don't care and are more vocal about the way Ama-Woot has went. As we have a right to be so. Many hard-working deals people made this profitable for Woot, if it wasn't so it wouldn't be here. It would have went the way of Happy Hour, Two for Tuesday, Random BoC's, Jumbo coupons, and much more. We've always been kind to all that have graced our doorstep. But "encouraging" is wrong for some in this context, maybe that would have went over better on Facebook. I'd recommend other social media, but it appears that has went away too.

So yes @jsimsace they were awesome and every time this thread mentions that we must drink!


@xarous: Well said...cheers! :::glug,glug,glug:::


@rogetray: I've been over there all day :-)

TT posted a thread about woot monkeys and I have a monkey radar.


Information overload.

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