questionswill you take less for the macallan 25


Is this what you're referring to?

If so, it's not sold by Woot, but by a third party, so there's nothing that Woot can really do, per se. My suggestion would be to contact Merwin (the company who posted the deal) and ask them if they can do anything. It's also always good to google if the company/ product has any coupons. You never know what you might find


As a substitute, I highly recommend the Macallan 16 or something like that. It will usually be less than $100 at your local good liquor store.
I am a fan of the Macallan 12, but that's because I can't bring myself to drop more than $65 on a bottle of booze.

EDIT: Deals.Woot is not a seller of anything except advice and opinions. We post a bunch of deals to this message board and spend all day making fun of each other. It's a weird place sometimes.

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I'd take less, personally. It's not that great.


If you want something special that won't break the bank, look around for the special Woodford Reserve Rare Rye two pack collection. If he's a whiskey drinker, he'll probably appreciate the chance to taste something unique. $89 here:

Woodford also has a two pack with 1 aged-cask and 1 new-cask. Price should be in the $100 range.

Or give him gift of being able to make his own, complete with aging barrel, bottles, and 2 glasses so you can share:

You can even print your own labels: