questionsany help with my vacation/honeymoon?


I just did a search on for next week and every flight out of Asheville to San Juan was under $550. Flights from Raleigh to San Juan range from $240-$380, Charlotte to San Juan starts at $450. I checked Raleigh-San Juan for June and they're mostly in the $350 range. If you search on Kayak, you can search for "flexible dates" and it will show you a matrix with dates/prices. Kayak does not display results from Southwest; I don't know if they fly to San Juan. You can set a price alert so Kayak will email you if fares drop. Another good site, more for information than searching, is Fare Compare.

In my experience, it's generally cheaper to assemble your trip piecemeal rather than booking flight+hotel, for example. When you book your hotel, look for one with transportation to/from the airport.

Have a great trip!


AirTran Airways

departing flight: Charlotte, NC to San Juan, PR: Thu, March 07, 2013

239/629 7:05 AM 4:00 PM 1 stop
(7 h 55 m) $154*
5 seats left
at this price

returning flight: San Juan, PR to Charlotte, NC: Tue, March 12, 2013

794/195 11:15 AM 5:50 PM 1 stop
(6 h 35 m) $156*


@bill7718: It is a drive of more than a hundred miles from Asheville to Charlotte, but if the drive is doable (parking in the long term lot at Charlotte) then it could work. Those are good prices for an airfare. As a honeymoon start to have such a drive I'm not really sure I'd pick that myself, though. The early morning departure from Charlotte at 7:05am requires arrival at the airport at least two hours ahead, and so it would almost be a certainty to be in a hotel room or driving in the dark of night.

I probably can't promote myself here but I am a travel agent and so I suggest you contact a travel agent who could find you a combined air/hotel package that would fill your needs for less than the total cost of $1300 (650pp). You also would need transfers to and from the hotel, and ask the travel agent about a place that is accessible to public transit so you won't need to drive a car. Or else maybe there's an all-inclusive option. Good luck. You shouldn't have to feel alone.


@newgen87: It would be helpful to know travel dates.

Here is a comparison to look at: flight plus hotel. It is $200 less per person to leave from Charlotte.


The previous posts have good advice about flights, and yes, it appears that leaving from Charlotte would be way better. I will also add that you can go to to research your flights. Yapta shows a calendar where you can see what the fares are on different dates.

As for hotels, I never book flights and hotels together. I use sites like Orbitz and Expedia to see multiple hotels at once, as well as reviews (Trip Advisor is also great for reviews). When I make a reservation, I do it through the hotel's web site by making a reservation I can cancel without penalty (not advance purchase). I will then periodically go back and recheck the rate for that reservation. If the rate goes down, I rebook at the lower rate and cancel the original reservation. I've saved lots of money that way in the past.

Are you a member of AAA, a university alumni association, etc.? You might get a discount through them. Also, check for coupons for the hotel you choose.


@jazzsinger: Prepayment depends on who you book through. It is possible to make a deposit and pay in full as late as 31 days prior to departure, and have little or no consequence for cancellations depending on when the cancellation takes place or if you take their cancellation protection option offered at checkout. As an example, you can look at


@srfoolishbuyer My option eliminates the "little" in "little or no consequence", as well as the need to purchase any kind of cancellation protection.


Don't book a flight with Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.


@jazzsinger: You may pay more in one or more ways if you eliminate consideration of ALL of your options entirely because you think you have good deals at sites that leave you to it on your own. But I know how enjoyable planning travel can be, and wouldn't want to deprive you of that either. It's just that before the online vacuum, nobody had a problem getting help from a travel agent. It costs nothing to ask questions. Some tour operators have fares that public has no access to, and combining them with hotels you can choose from give great values along with extras such as free transfers or credits, or upgrades. In addition, a travel agent can do anything you can do. If you want to book a hotel by itself, they will do that for you. And what you get for that effort (and no additional cost at all) is an advocate on your side to help you or increase the value, whichever may apply in any case. You even get better treatment when a travel agent is on your travel record. Adds accountability.


if you need help with the honeymoon, you're in trouble there, big fella.