questionsany suggestions about this (risky?) deal on a…


It appears that this is the seller.., It was pretty hard to find, but the info was in the return policy. I've no opinion of the seller. Good luck.

EDIT; I see that this is the seller that's gone from the marketplace now. Sorry. I got nothin'.


I don't know about that deal. It is probably the older v2 but the description shows details of the 2014 edition. If you look at their return policy, you notice that the seller's account has been deactivated. I'm not even sure what would happen if you tried to buy it.

After a little research, I found the model numbers of each type so you can verify you are getting the proper model if you find it elsewhere.

Galaxy Pro 16GB: SM-T520NZWAXAR
2014 Edition 32GB: SM-P6000ZWVXAR
2014 Edition 16GB: SM-P6000ZWYXAR
v3 16GB: GT-P5210ZWYXAR

Also something to note, the photo on newegg doesn't seem to have the home button at the bottom bezel which all 2014 versions have. I'd stay clear of that deal if you want to be sure of getting the 2014 model.


Read the reviews. I'd steer clear.


Yes, the reviews and mixed picture/description are disconcerting. What's throwing me off is that the seller account has been deleted on NewEgg. I was hoping someone might be more familiar with the NewEgg site and could let me know if there's anything up with this.

I am going to try and contact NewEgg to see what's what with this, and I'll update on what I find. If it turns out to be run by NewEgg now and is legit, it's the deal of the year.


@moondrake: You sir, are awesome.

It looks like NewEgg resolved my dilemma by pulling the item. So we seem well wrapped up here. Thanks!


@lostporcupine: nice tablet choice - especially if you can use and appreciate the superior Wacom pressure sensitive stylus functionality of the Samy Notes. Far superior to using generic styli on pedestrian tablets.


@bluemaple: Yes, that's what it's seeming to be.

I've been using a Nook HD+ up to this point which has performed everything I've wanted quite well for the price, and really for simple you can't beat it's price. However, I'd like to move up to something that allows a bit more diversity. Galaxy note fits that bill nicely. Thanks for the thumbs up!


@lostporcupine: Psssst! Moondrake doesn't qualify to be called "sir." Try "madam" instead.


@magic cave: Yes - Societal for of habit. I have different genders I seem to default to in different situations when I don't know which one to use. My apologies. I hope no offense is taken.


@lostporcupine: I made the same gender-error when @moondrake kindly came to my defense a while back after someone got a bit too aggressive in this etherspace. @moondrake seems to ride a well-behaved horse, so likely will take it in stride. ;-)


@bluemaple: Can't imagine that she'd feel affronted. Most of us have user IDs that aren't gender-obvious.

A usenet newsgroup on which I used to be very active had a frequently used protocol of hie (or sie, depending on the writer's default) as a non-gendered pronouin. Looked pretty weird at first, but it was very handy.


I really don't mind in the least. Moondrake the role-playing character is a guy-- as are all my role-playing characters. There's an old adage in role-playing that people either play who they'd like to be" or who they'd like to be *with, and I'm of the latter variety. And when I was knighted in my medieval club I chose the title "Sir", as "Dame" just doesn't have the same gravitas. So I answer to Sir just fine. @bluemaple, I take that "well-behaved horse" reference as a high compliment.


@moondrake: a compliment as intended. You set a high and level standard.


@bluemaple: I must agree 100%. I have no idea how she maintains such poise ALLthe time


I am loosing my faith in Newegg. I bought a Brother printer and for a discount I got some toner (all in one). Flash forward 5 months, I need toner. I open the sealed box with a sealed bag inside. I notice some odd things.
1. It had toner inside stuck to the cartridge.
2. The warranty sticker looked ripped, I looked at it closer and the warranty sticker was on a 2nd warranty sticker with different fonts and colors.
3 The serial number was a sticker on a smaller sticker.

I called Brother, they confirmed the serial number was not genuine. I let Newegg know what they sold me was not genuine. I forwarded Newegg all the emails from Brother confirming the cartridge was not a genuine Brother cartridge. They had me switch my Newegg email account to match the ticket. They have asked for a Brother case number 2x both times I explained Brother's ticket system is based on emails, I forwarded this email to Newegg. 30 days later I am still waiting for even a 'were working on it'.


or 'sorry for the inconvenience'. The way I see it is I bought counterfeit goods from Newegg. Newegg should replace the cartridge with a genuine cartridge. I will 'ask a question' when there is a resolution.

*I should mention in the emails from Brother they are not calling the cartridge a conterfit but they are also telling me 'Do not use that cartridge in your printer' and 'Sorry we cannot help you as Newegg is not an Authorized retailer for Brother products'. They suggest I take the issue up with Newegg.


@caffeine_dude: (OP, sorry for going off track!) We have had excellent experience with Brother stuff (specifically laser printers and MFPs) and stopped buying HP printers.

But I get your point about Newegg. While my personal experience with them has continued to be excellent, there seem to be more examples of problems. In my experience, 3rd party sellers on Newegg's storefront seem to be less reliable than those on Amazon.

Perhaps Newegg is trying too hard to morph into Amazon with their Flash site, Prime-like pre-paid shipping via "Premier", attempts to broaden inventory beyond technology, etc...


@moondrake: simply recognizing good deeds in the hope it continues and others join in. We already have plenty of the other kind of behavior (me included on a bad day).


@caffeine_dude: My guess is that either it was a third party seller, or the supplier to Newegg was a bit... shady?
I hate to hear though that you're having trouble with Newegg customer service. My experiences with that have been beyond excellent in general. I hope this isn't a troubling new trend.


If you are still interested, Woot has the refurbished 2014 model for sale today:

$364.99 for the 16GB model and $389.99 for the 32GB model.


Absolutely! Really good prices there.

I seriously recommend anyone who has interest in a new tablet and wants some good functionality to jump on this, 2-3 week delivery wait be damned.

Other option is to watch Amazon Warehouse like a hawk, not fun.