questionswhat is a good gift for an 8 yr old girl?



To her, you'll then always be the awesome aunt who got her a pony.

To her parents, you'll then always be the @#$%*! who got her a pony.


Wow, I'm sure glad I don't have to buy gifts for my friend's sibling's kids ;)


Our niece is around the same age and we like to give her gifts that can possibly spark an interest for her future. We've given her a telescope, a microscope and a digital camera for birthday/Christmas. These are the toy versions (cheap) but she is really interested in science now and I think that's pretty cool.

Of course, if you gave her a pony that would also be pretty cool ;-)


8 yr old girls are into craft projects..they like to make things. Also..magical growing things! This is adorable..a fairy garden they can grow and decorate.


I have a brand new COLOR LOCO coloring kit that your niece would just LOVE. I'll give you a good deal :)

...actually, I have about 10lbs worth, if your niece is interested in some bulk coloring.

(ed. "inside" joke...BOCs a few wootoffs back came as huge boxes of coloring kits for some of us :) - just wanted to clarify I wasn't some coloring book peddling wierdo)