questionswhat is a good gift for an 8 yr old girl?



To her, you'll then always be the awesome aunt who got her a pony.

To her parents, you'll then always be the @#$%*! who got her a pony.


Wow, I'm sure glad I don't have to buy gifts for my friend's sibling's kids ;)


Our niece is around the same age and we like to give her gifts that can possibly spark an interest for her future. We've given her a telescope, a microscope and a digital camera for birthday/Christmas. These are the toy versions (cheap) but she is really interested in science now and I think that's pretty cool.

Of course, if you gave her a pony that would also be pretty cool ;-)


8 yr old girls are into craft projects..they like to make things. Also..magical growing things! This is adorable..a fairy garden they can grow and decorate.


I have a brand new COLOR LOCO coloring kit that your niece would just LOVE. I'll give you a good deal :)

...actually, I have about 10lbs worth, if your niece is interested in some bulk coloring.

(ed. "inside" joke...BOCs a few wootoffs back came as huge boxes of coloring kits for some of us :) - just wanted to clarify I wasn't some coloring book peddling wierdo)


how about this one(smoothie cup), our client buy one to give his daughter, he said the girl like this smoothie cup very much
below is the link:;

wish this can give you some help!