questionsi need help finding a present


How old is he, and in what context did you overhear him saying he wanted "Herb"? That word can have many different meanings, most of them non-musical (Including marijuana.... i'm responding here though assuming this is a sincere question and you're not trying to make some weird pot joke), and i doubt most kids have heard of Peaches & Herb.

In the music world, it could also be Herb Ellis, jazz musician, or the reggae group The Herbs.

Tell us a little more about him (age, type of music he plays/likes, other interests, etc) and maybe we can help!


@jsimsace: I'm a moron, he is a bossa-nova fan Herb Alpert is obvious, thx


It was a lucky shot....just happened to be the first musical Herb I thought of. :)


God, my internet sensors are off because I have no idea if this is a joke thread or not.


Sorry, this thread went sideways. Not my intention.