questionshow exactly are the mods employing their…


LordWoot claps. Indeed good sir, you are now a WOOT MINION!!! Oh, nope. That's something else. But you are now a bigger part of deals.woot, welcome :)

Yes, it is part of woot's master plan to rule the world (at least the market) to give little incentives based on certain concepts (hmm, maybe one of the oldies is still around who remembers that question from a long while back).


Live long, love well, woot hard! And welcome to the Woot Hive Mind.


It is a bit addictive, isn't it? Even when there is nothing I wish to buy, or I have no money to purchase, I still come here to look around and comment.


I have noticed a slight increase in my community involvement since I got my green triangle. Before the triangle I wasn't really involved and didn't pay attention to my woot rep. Now that I have a rep I want to keep it.


Anyone else see the resistance is futile attempt and actually think for a moment that possibly woot is a borg plot to get us more comfortable to being this close to our machines. Its like the movie where they went back in time and were stopped by the enterprise crew, but only a small off shoot lied in wait till they could take over the way some of us do transactions in hope of capturing the minds of our time that would actually speak out online.

Hey when you are ready for your tinfoil cap I got you covered =)


Because of woot (read, deals.woot), I have a digital chain between myself and a computer. In one day, in my own house, I checked/posted woot on 5 different devices. My Touchpad may have a permanent fingerprint over the refresh button because of the last woot-off.

I may not be a minion, but I am certainly an acolyte.


@flashkill: Green?? It looks Obsidian to me, and with a rep of 98.... That takes dedication...


@musicalman: if <1 ohm

I've been having the same problem. I tell myself it doesn't matter, but at the same time I really don't want to drop and lose my freshly minted green triangle.


@pyxientx: I second that! Even though I have no plans on making any large or small purchases (sans cash), I still cruise around to see what the deals are... I mean you never know when you'll come across that one deal you've been holding-out for the past few months!


@jimmyd103: Of course you find that perfect item,that is ONLY when you have no money. Damn You Mr. Murphy and your DAMN laws!


Just went from an orangish-brown triangle (40ish rep) to a black triangle with 93 rep practically overnight. I think this question has ironically pushed me right up to the top of the deals.woot addiction pyramid. So thanks everyone for the votes and the conversation!