questionsis there a new jumbowoot? did i miss the election?


As far as I know, @prettywootprincess is the current staff person/victim in this capacity. Be nice to her. She's a good person, and I think all the remaining TX staff are under a heavy load. I'd name the five or six I believe to be still around, but I think I'll leave that responsibility to someone more official. It's not really my place.

@thunderthighs, is there any official comment? How about an unofficial one?

[Edit: oh, no, NOT jumbo anything. Ms Princess is a tiny thing, very petite. She's been in a couple of the adverts on the #sponsored deals (not saying which ones). Jumbowoot was called that because he was large.]


As far as I know, @prettywootprincess is now 'jumboprincess'. I could be wrong.

Edit: shrdlu beat me...What she said.


She'd slap me if I called her jumboprincess, but yes, she's still kicking ass at deals. Some of the other responsibilities have landed on other people, but rest-assured, we have some plans for you folks. We still <3 you.


@gatzby: Please tell me that your plans do not include a book named "To Serve Man"


@gatzby: Cue evil laugh? Or happy chuckle?


@gatzby: generally only for the recipient.


I am your "all told" for deals.woot. I think I might need a more powerful name. Any suggestions?

Thank goodness for @gatzby and his team. I couldn't do it without them.


Please keep your name @prettywootprincess. It's lovely, and we recognize it. Plus, you've had it for about 2 1/2 years. Note: I was only kidding around w/ 'jumboprincess.' :-/ (I'm doomed.)


@prettywootprincess what about @hungrywootprincess but maybe I only ever see you around lunchtimes


@slydon: Oh? Could we have some juicy details, please?


@magic cave: Not much to tell. @prettywootprincess and I have been married for twelve years, we've got seven kids, and in all that time, I've only ever lied to a customer once.


@prettywootprincess: I like the upgrade to prettywootqueen :)


I want something scary and dominating.


@prettywootprincess: Give me a day or two, and I'll come up with just the thing. I'm a fan of proper naming, and you ought to have a new name for this.

This is going to take a bit of thought.


maybe you should allow me to transfer this one to you seeing as though jumbowoot isn't around for me to troll him with it anymore. thoughts?



wicked princess

ninja goddess

preeminent ruler


@prettywootprincess: Didn't realize you wanted to change your name, but since you've said you do, may I humbly suggest:

OmnipotentPrincess Seems innocuous and may not scare some, but it's definitely domineering. Omnipotent means having unlimited power. Plus, that name would clearly show that you're not just another pretty face/princess.



I'm dating myself but there's a few here who will remember.


@pooflady: I'm sorry, but in polite circles these days one doesn't admit to dating oneself; if necessary, one makes up a friend in a different city whom one can then claim to be dating.

I knew Princesssummerfallwinterspring from when we were both small children together in the Magic Forest of Arden. I was a bit younger than she was, but we were great pals.


@magic cave: I didn't go there, Chief Thunderthud wouldn't let us.


@Wooter!Woman: with WW tiara and power bracelets