questionswhose your favorite nfl team?


Giant's fan here. And after yesterday's game I am proud to say that!


Chiefs, even if they routinely disappoint.


Carolina Panthers... bless their hearts.


Mom and I are Vikings fans, she's supported the home team since I can remember. My b/f's favorite team is the Chiefs and feels the same way as @woothulhu :D


Surely you mean who's, not whose.
Packer Fan here. Aaron Rodgers is a machine.


Baltimore Ravens fan - love the sweep on the Steelers this year!


Redskins fan here. This season started out great. Now, it's back to normal :(

On a side note, I live in Oregon and the big paper is The Oregonian. Whenever they write anything about the Skins, they never actually write out Redskins. Always referred to as the Washington football team. Eventually, the team name is going to have to change. I'm actually surprised it hasn't already, esp in the PC world of Washington DC.

Go Skins! F the cowboys!


@widmer69: LOL! Having been to Portland, OR many times over the past few years, I can completely see the newspaper refusing to print the name Redskins. That's so Oregon.


I come from a non-NFL state so for the longest time I just didn't care. Once I got married that was no longer an option. Half her family lives in Wisconsin, so I've been a Packer fan for over 10 years now.


Everyone who answered the Packers got the question right. The rest of you? Good effort but still wrong :)


Green Bay Packers!

Wisconsin pride ftw


I am a bit of a rarity I guess, I follow absolutely no profession sports whatsoever. If I watch tv, and I love my television, I either watch fiction or sometimes news.


I am a Skins fan. That means, as usual, I will be pulling for any other team to beat the Giants, Cowboys and/or Eagles in the playoffs since we aren't going to be there.


Correct @fivemtz. I did mean to write who's but for some reason it looked wrong and I went with whose.
(I'm not the smartest grammer crayon in the book haha)