questionswhat's the dumbest thing you've done this week?


crosses fingers I've managed to stay out of trouble so far...... couple more days to go. knock on wood just to be sure ouch!


Last Friday my friend and I bought into this vacation package that isn't exactly a scam, but also isn't nearly as cool as the marketers led us to believe. We are going to have to work hard to get our money out of it and we won't be able to use it to save money on our summer trip to Europe as we'd hoped. So that's annoying. On a lesser note, last night I decided it was high time I soaked my feet and filed off the callouses on my heels and was too aggressive with the file so I am limping around on tiptoes today. But that will pass. Tuesday I did something that could have been a bone-headed move but worked out. I've been an on-again off-again participant in a local art market and signed up two months ago for a major event this Saturday. When I got the map Tuesday I was assigned the worst possible space. I am not usually confrontational but I was pretty angry. I exchanged several sharp emails with the event organizer and she finally created a space for me in a prime spot.


Stood up.
I had been cleaning something at work then bent down to clean something else. Forgetting that I hadn't shut the door of the original thing I was cleaning, I stood up and ended up with an approximately 2 ½ inch long scrape down my back.


@msklzannie: Yowtch! Someone I worked with was getting dressed for work in the dark a couple of years ago and bent down quickly to tie his shoe. He whacked his head on the corner of his dresser with so much force that it basically ruined him. Horrible headaches, vision problems, neck surgery, constant nausea and dizziness. He had to take early retirement because he was in too much pain to work. One of the social butterflies in our lunch group at work checks in on him and he is doing really poorly, can't hold down food, is pretty much ready to give up. It's been a scary lesson in just how fragile our hold on life as we know it can be. Since then I have been very wary of having a similar event, especially since sometimes when I get up to use the bathroom the cat asks for water in her dish, which is beneath a frameless glass dining table that is wholly invisible in the dark. I make sure my hand is on the corner of that thing before bending down.


Week's not over with. Could be a number of things. Let ya know Sunday morning.


Since my kids moved out, I seem to be much smarter than I used to be. Well, at least I don't have as many dumb things pointed out to me, which counts as being smarter in my book.

BTW, on the "getting knocked in the head" subject, several years ago a co-worker heard her baby cry in the middle of the night and jumped up to run to him. She forgot that her bedroom door was closed and ran into it, nose first, driving her nose into her brain and giving herself a pretty severe concussion.

Fragile, indeed!


Spent the last 2 hours waiting to see if Google would announce the nexus 5 today.


Nothing...but the week isn't over yet and I have plenty of time to fill my quota.


@moondrake: Yeah, I did say "ouch!" loudly enough for my coworker to ask me what I'd done. And of course the next day a door had to go and bump me in that exact spot. Sad to say, there aren't a whole lot of days when I don't hurt myself in one way or another at work. Grace is definitely not my middle name.

ETA: Thankfully none of my injuries at work have ever been serious. Apparently I'm only a minor klutz.


well i put a new razor blade in my retractable knife yesterday and tonight i managed to fillet my finger. used some quikclot and wrapped it, hopefully that will be enough.


so far so good this week...other weeks though I should have just stayed in bed


Thanks, the dumbest thing I did this week could be called the dumbest thing I did this year, I did it about 15 hours ago. Reading this helped me get over it faster.

(It is a boring work mistake I made read on if you must. I did not realize it was my mistake and spent too much time waiting for others to see what was wrong with the system.
This is totally out of my character as I always double check first, this time a coworker was at my desk and was talking to me when the results appeared and I said there is no way that could be right, she said it has been broken for some time, so instead of double checking my input, I called support.)

@moondrake: I had no idea, I did that at work once and it was in front of the department, everyone showed so much (at the time I thought unnecessary) concern.


Shaved my head without shaving cream because i was in a hurry...Uggghh


Gotten involved in a war of words re: the YouTube Video Awards. It started when I admitted I don't like Girls' Generation.