questionsshipping snafu: 2 for 1 from shirt.woot?


Happy Birthday!

(and thank you for your honesty)


@thunderthighs: Heh, I figured as much. I just wanted to make sure. I would've sent it back if necessary (provided I didn't have to pay for the return shipping). I guess one of my lucky friends will now be able to match with me.

I'm thinking that some of the Woot staff was hanging around some water cooler all distracted-like and the shirt simply ninja-ed itself onto a FedEx truck to escape. That's the only logical explanation that I can come up with.


@greciandelight: It's possible the SmartPost snail hit a speedbump. Those can take days to cross.


@thunderthighs: I like my story better. :|

Also, to whomever amended the title, good word choice. I approve.


@greciandelight: I reworded it. I wanted to make it more clear after I added the tags. Glad you approve.


This just happened to me as well.
I ordered a couple of shirts from the kids side sale. One came, the other didn't. Tracker showed only "tracking info received". A note to service along the lines of "hey, can you track this" resulted immediately in a new shirt. 1 week later (today), the original order arrived.

I now feel guilty.

j5 j5

@j5: That's pretty much the same boat I'm in. At first I was all like, "woohoo, free shirt", but that quickly subsided, which led me to posting this.


Do you still have the extra shirt? I was hoping to find it in a size M for my husband. I was bummed that I missed buying it. If you still have it, and it's an M, then I'd like to buy it from you. :o)