questionsfavorite woot tracker


f5 on explorer on yea and twitter, as well as the office. There are six of us who woot here.


I try NOT to keep up with it. Usually by the time a Woot-Off rolls around, I've SEEN all the items as they've shown up before on Woot's regular daily deals (and previous Woot-Offs). If I didn't buy them then, there's a good bet I'm not interested in them now (and it IS the same stuff in the warehouse). There are occasional exceptions, but nothing so amazing that I can't live without it.

I own a healthy number of monkeys, and as for bags of stuff, I've NEVER been able to get one legitimately (and for years and years, I tried and tried HARD), and I won't resort to sniping sites to better my chances. They're just not that important to me anymore.


@eneref: Heh that was sort of my point. ;)


I just wait around til the monkeys show up and then frantically hit the big "I WANT ONE" button. No need to track for them, as they usually show up from 7 - 9 PM Pacific.