questionsissues with firefox and adobe reader/acrobat


I was having the same exact problem in XP. I upgraded to Windows 7 and the problem went away. Did you try downloading a firefox add-on for Adobe? You may already have them all though if you were disabling them.


thedogma, try the instructions at this page:

I got my acrobat settings messed up once so that it wasn't using the plugin, and I think the first thing on the support page solved it for me.


It's working off and on. I'm still getting the error message. I think it might be an Acrobat issue. I'm going to try changing the default PDF program to be reader over Acrobat, and play with the tweaks the firefox page suggests. Thanks for the help!


Do yourself a favor. Dump Adobe Reader and move to Foxit. Right now Adobe productes (reader and flash) are the top method of gaining access to your system. They are cross platform, so having a Mac doesn't save you. In last years Pwn to Own contest the MacBook Air was hacked first (in a few minutes) via a previously undocumented exploit in (I think) Reader (it may be been Flash).

So, go to download and install. Then either uninstall Adobe Reader (best) or make sure documents open by default with Foxit. You will be glad you did. In addition to being safer, Foxit is also faster.