questionschallenge- decent wireless router that works with…


Unless it's a modem + router I don't see why you would need to buy theirs


Qwest seems to show you lots of options on their website. Typically however you can get from customer service a full list. That way when you see a deal/ we find you one then you can check to be sure its compatible.


This seems to be the link to their approved modem list

In my experience just because its not on the list doesn't mean it wont work. I double checked with them on their policy and they said you could use whatever you wanted but they wouldn't support it if it wasn't on that list.

David(Wed Aug 04 2010 10:38:06 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

if its not on your approved list does that mean it wont work or it just means you wont support it ?

Tech Melissa(Wed Aug 04 2010 11:38:26 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

It means we won't support it, nor has it been tested to work on our network.

David(Wed Aug 04 2010 10:38:38 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>

but if it works its fine

Tech Melissa(Wed Aug 04 2010 11:38:52 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time))>



@djbowman Awesome! thanks so much..this process is confusing for a first timer. I think as long as when I plug it in and it works, I will be fine. They are just saying that if it stops working, they won't help me fix the problem, right?


@djbowman: I have found that a lot of the customer support techs are reading off a sheet and don't really know what they are talking about.

If they don't support it then I wouldn't go with it just because if you run into problems, they won't help.

@insertrockhere: I would get a modem (not sure why they aren't giving you one free both Verizon and Cablevision do) that they approve and then a wireless router that work for what you need.


Agreed on both counts. Plug it in if it doesn't work then come post us something the wooters can probably help you figure it out. On that same note in alot of ways its easier to just use what they offer.

If you want to do wireless and save money take their cheapest modem then we can find you a deal on a router (any router you buy will work with the modem)they cant dictate the router but they can dictate the modem


I just got done talking with customer service, and the only option I have through them is the Actiontec PK5000 wireless router/modem for $100. The whole reason I am looking for other options is because at first it was supposed to be free, then they said it was going to be 45.99, then it went to 99.99...something sounds not right about that. Even that Actiontec model is cheaper at Best Buy.


call them on it there website lists several options... Customer service is feeding you a line.

Tell them you want one non wireless