questionswhy am i being billed multiple times on discover…


Was this attempted purchase made from one of the official Woot! sites? if so email If you bought it from one of the deals here on you'll have to go to that vendor for answers and to request a refund.


Here you go:

{Discover Card Customer Service, ranked #1 in customer loyalty for 16 years running. ... (1-800-347-2683) (English/Español); Technical Support 1-800-973-8086}


My guess: Those are probably preauthorization charges that will disappear in a few days


@lichme: You know that, and I know that (about the auth charges). What I don't understand is why the OP thinks we'll be able to help, and why the OP didn't just call Discover and ask them.

In other news, I'm still trying to figure out your raccoon gif. Did someone give it peanut butter?


@shrdlu: I do not know. I merely came across it and thought it was cute.


If it was a woot order, those are called AUTH charges. They're authorization attempts to get authorization for the real charge. They will drop off automatically in a few days. The time that takes depends on your bank.