questionshave you seen the zamboni google doodle today?


Yes! Lots of fun, & it can lead you to lots of info about Zamboni too.


When I got a job at an ice rink years ago, my only goal was to drive the Zam. When I finally got my chance, it was even more fun than I expected, so many things to do besides drive!


@conanthelibrarian: Like what? Besides converting people to a red mist, obviously.


@conanthelibrarian: I've seen someone do full-on drifting with the Zambonis on ice once.

As for the game, for some reason it reminds me of my hardships with those really old Nintendo games.

(Note: I'm as old as the NES and I remember playing these back when I was less than five probably.)

Pretty cool Google Doodle though!


It's pretty awesome...thanks for mentioning it. I don't often check out the doodle, even though I use google at least 10 times a day it seems.


I wonder how many levels there are.... :3


Brings back fond memories of NES's Ice Hockey


Great timing, since the lockout was finally ended.


In celebration of Mr. Zamboni, and of a return to NHL Hockey, I've busted out all my 'Zambonis' MP3s.

While most will say they like 'Hockey Monkey', my personal Favorite: 'Andy Moog Meets Robert Moog' from this album


As a 5 year Zam operator I can say, it's much more fun in real life :)

And I can also say, we're OG's, we were drifting our solid axle 4wd studded 4cyl Zam's way before these kids in 240z's thought they were original by sliding sideways.


Is it possible to download or otherwise save the game so that I can continue to enjoy it in the future?


@neuropsychosocial: will let you check out any and all google doodles, along with (sometimes) information about them by the creator(s).


Yes. You can even play a game as well. If you press the play button in the O, you can play the game.