questionsis deals.woot getting fat?


@theoneill555: Dashboard Hints, Ouija Board, Magic 8 Ball. I think they'll all work with the same effectiveness. My 8 Ball says "you may rely on it!"


It seems more votes are required for a deal to go Popular.


@theoneill555: That was totally over my head.
The only hint I'm getting is "Increase your reputation by asking questions" lol...which isn't exactly a great deal of help. You care to elaborate?


@drchops: I believe one of the hints is for voting on deals


@theoneill555: I'm currently being prompted by the Dashboard hints to "Increase your reputation by eating more bacon".

I think the leaderboard is being run by the diner down the street.


@durkzilla: It's because you've reached the pinnacle of awesomeness. And the only possible way to improve on awesomeness? Bacon. And preferably bacon from a tactical swine.

Either that, or the leaderbaord is run by the diner down the road. But definitely probably one or the other. Maybe both


@theoneill555: lol okay. I thought you were takin' a shot at me heh - implying that I was just asking a random question because the dashboard told me it'd make me cool haha

Makes a lot more sense now :D ...I didn't think about it - before you said that - but I guarantee you're right (for at least a big portion of the increase anyways).

For a minute there I forgot how important virtual rating systems are. I should probably go tattle on some stuff...


it's stuff like this, just putting little ol Woot down all the time... calling it fat and porky pie and chubbs-a-lot that makes it want to mess with the scores just to teach you a lesson.

someone better sacrifice some bacon into the fire to pacify the woot gods

looks around paranoid


@drchops: No shots were taken. I am pretty much an upfront kind of person. You asked why there are more votes and I answered.

There are more votes, more deals, more comments and more questions specifically because of the dashboard hints telling people what to do. With so many people obsessed by reputation, they will follow the hints.

Mine keeps telling me to ask questions, which I refuse to do as I can get my inane questions answered by Yahoo and Google. Which is where I am going right now to find the location of the third legendary for Pokemon White - unless someone here already knows...


@drchops said "It's obviously gonna increase over time, like anything"

Not necessarily. As more deals are added, both the Fresh and the Popular tabs cycle through more quickly, meaning that deals remain on the front page of either tab for a shorter amount of time. And I think it's a safe assumption that many, if not most, visitors never dig beyond the first page of Popular.

Back in the early days I had a deal get over 400 votes. Other folks did, too. I don't see those kind of numbers anymore.

But inasmuch as there's an increase relative to the last few months, I suspect @theoneill555 is on to something. Folks are being encouraged to vote more.


I still don't get how the popular page is determined. I'll have a deal with twenty the votes that won't make it on, but one with ten that I made an hour later makes it. That does not quite fit the definition of popular eh? Some wierd voodoo runs this site's code.


@shadowhunter312: IF you are talking about your two FREE deals, they are calculated differently than normal items that are on sale. Check out this same question with explanations from both snapster and shawnmiller -


@niloc225: Ah, perfect, thanks for that link. Helps clarify the confusion I've had since I got back around to being active. I agree with much of that thread though, seems silly to up their threshold when the only real info you need to put in is your address anyway. Thanks again for the info.


I'd say yes, without doing any research whatsoever.