questionsare you concerned about cube safety?


Net off the cube to prevent monkey incursions:

The best defense is a good offense. Screech loudly enough to scare away flying monkeys and sneaky co-workers:


I recall seeing a pretty awesome USB powered missile launcher somewhere. I cannot recall where though. Oh well.

I use one of the giant sticky hands that you used to get in gumball machines. Although they are dangerous. I have made my coworker cry (seriously) on at least 3 separate occasions with a direct hit to the eye.


And the ultimate in cube safety:


these guys keep my cube secure when i'm not around:


@carl669: Is that a hint at when the next boc is? The time is not right seems suspicious.


When I saw the title I assumed this was about how to move through Cube ( ) safely. Anyone else think that? (I mean, that'd be something worth being concerned about.)


As of two weeks ago, I have one of these leaning against my desk at all times. Well, all times that I'm not chasing coworkers with it... >=D


I recommend popping open a large Beach Umbrella Defense Shield to deflect incoming artillery.

(And that bad luck opening an umbrella indoors only applies if you have a Mom who collects a lot of fragile tchotchkes that really shouldn't be kept om the foyer table anyway because ANYONE could knock them over, MOM!).


@caffeine_dude: nah. it's just stuff from previous BOCs used to guard my cube.


@lavikinga: I was also thinking that a clear "bubble" umbrella would work well as a portable shield. Maybe some sort of rod/stand to attach it to the desk or chair for hands-free deployment while actually in the cube.


From anybody else, this would be considered a silly question!! My reply is to hide under your desk and that should afford some protection.


@gt0163c: They do make beach umbrellas that screw-fasten to a lawn chair. Figure out the mechanics to some type of vise-grippy thing and it should work great with a clear umbrella.

I had forgotten all about clear umbrellas. When I was a kid, I had one that came down over my shoulders like some bizarro clear mushroom cap. Thanks for the memory recall :)


@lavikinga: Wow - the memories of my very same type of umbrella and walking home from school watching where I was going and who was around, etc. through the raindrops. But you are just a youngster in the scheme of things - did not know that sort of style stayed around for that long. I want another one, I really do.


@lichme: I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw this post.


I have a Vader missile defense system.


There are great ideas contained in this thread. :)