questionsdo you get your clothes hemmed or altered to fit…


I absolutely put in the extra effort to find stuff that fits before I buy. If it doesn't fit well then I won't wear it, so it wouldn't have been a good deal at any price! I only very rarely order clothes online for this reason. I would only do it if it was something I tried in the store and I needed a different color, or if I knew the brand very well and was confident it would fit or I could return it.


I have to get my work pants hemmed, they just don't make them so that they fit me appropriately for business attire. Can't be stepping on the bottom of my pants all day. But that's the only case, I otherwise will never buy something that doesn't fit (but I'm also much more flexible with casual clothes...don't really mind rolling up my jeans).


I never bought anything that did not fit, but when I was working and clothing appearance was a priority, I did have my clothes tailored quite a few times.